I just wanted to jot down a few thoughts on the last debate, or, as we call them here in the South…  the last Dee-Bate.  Like most of you, I’m sure, I was absolutely sickened by the rudeness directed toward poor Mr. Romney by “Obama”.  Where did that come from?  Where did he get the idea that he could say insulting things and get away with it?  It was just so unfair and, if you will excuse me… so Un-American and Un-Presidential to say, or even imply that someone of Mr. Romney’s stature and reputation could, or, would be anything less than honest.  I think it must be a Democrat thing because you never hear Republicans insulting people they disagree with.  Not even that lying, America hating, Communist, TelePrompTer reading, “Community Organizing, Muslim monkey-faced Black B@$!@RD who wants to take away our guns and institute Shirea Law.  You know…. The Kenyan.

But I digress.

The question was asked……  “What is the greatest threat to America?”

The answers given by the candidates were dead wrong.  They blathered on about the economy, China, nuclear weapons and other such nonsense because neither one of them dared to touch the third rail and brand themselves as traitors by telling the truth.  Neither one of them could, or would, dare to break the unwritten, but, most powerful and strictly enforced law of this land.  None would mess with the ultimate TABOO.

What I’m talking about, the greatest REAL threat to America, is our TOTAL inability to self reflect, self criticize and correct our shortcomings.  Even suggesting that America isn’t the best at anything and everything is considered treason and an admission that you hate America.  As a direct result of this ridiculously misplaced national narcissism we are blind, as a culture, to what the rest of the world can clearly see.  Given the choice between knowledge that is uncomfortable and ignorance that will eventually prove deadly we choose ignorance every time.  Rather than recognize that something is broken we choose to procrastinate and pretend that it isn’t.  We fix NOTHING and watch everything get worse because to admit that anything in America isn’t already the best that it can be is, as I stated above, treason.  We have become shameless.   So, we are fucked.

So what’s the greatest threat to America and the American way of life?

Americans….  and the American way of life.

(You may enjoy this)



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7 responses to “The GREATEST Threat to AMERICA

  1. lifewithoutinstructions

    Very good thing I see through your Veneer! I happen to be the most unpolitical person that you have never met! IMO americans, if they can call themselves so, should realize pronto that there is no effing leader in our country! The pres is merely a figure head or better yet a target. Its smoke and mirrors…..every single bit! and BTW there is no GOD!

  2. What veneer? I’m an obnoxious Yankee wise-ass right down to the bone.

    But I must say, it’s good to hear you sounding so chipper.

  3. Well said. I couldn’t agree more.

  4. Art Fern

    I’m up and down about the HBO show “The Newsroom” but there was one brilliant bit, when the news anchor is at an appearance in front of a college audience and an airhead sorority girl asks him the same thing. After hemming and hawing, he finally erupts with his true feelings. I’ll try to find it on YouTube and send it to you.

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