IN but not OF

This is the very last I hope to be writing about politics for a long time.  The election is over and after months and months of being bombarded with lies and hate and bullshit from every direction I’m tired.  It was a hard time to deal with, I’m sure, for us all, but, I can only try to explain how it was for me in my little corner of America.

I titled this little essay “IN but not OF” because that is exactly how it feels to me to be living in a place that is “in” America, but, not a place that is at all very much “of” America any more.   I live in Central Virginia on the East flank of the Blue Ridge Mountains between Lynchburg and Charlottesville.  I am closer to Lynchburg than I am to Charlottesville and that makes all the difference.  The two cities are separated by about 70 miles of drop-dead gorgeous scenery and more American history than you can shake a stick at.  At the Charlottesville end we have The University of Virginia (Mr. Jefferson’s School), Monticello, the homes of James Madison and James Monroe, Lewis & Clark and, heading south toward Lynchburg, the Rockfish River and the home of “The Walton Family” (Goodnight John-boy).  For a while there Charlottesville was home to more billionaires than any other city in America, but, lately we have acquired a lot more billionaires and now nobody really knows for sure.

At the other end of the road we have Lynchburg.  If one city can be the opposite of another Lynchburg is the opposite of Charlottesville.   Billionaires don’t live in Lynchburg.  When Civil Rights Laws dictated that black people should have the right to swim in the Lynchburg Public Pools the decent, God fearing, people of Lynchburg decided to fill them all in with dirt.  When those same laws dictated that black children had the right to a public education along side white children a young preacher named Jerry Falwell opened up “Christian Academies” for white children only.  Today that little experiment in profiting from fear and discrimination has grown to be “Liberty University”, the largest Evangelical University on the planet.  Gay people are not permitted to attend.  Democrats are not permitted to organize on campus.  Being caught alone with a member of the opposite sex is something that can get you expelled.  Carrying a loaded  gun to class is permitted, but dancing is not.  Lots of famous rich people live in Charlottesville and on more than one occasion in the past ten years it has been named to the list of Best Places to live in America.  Lynchburg has never been on that list and the only rich people in Lynchburg have the last name of Falwell.  It seems that with the untaxed income the Falwell Cartel, I mean Family, has amassed over the years they have reached the point where they own just about everything in Lynchburg.  The earth itself is believed to be between 6 and 10 thousand years old in Lynchburg.  In Charlottesville it is over 4 billion years old.  Lynchburg voted overwhelmingly Republican yesterday and C-ville, that’s what we locals call Charlottesville, voted Democratic.

Lynchburg Virginia is In America, but, it can no longer be said that it is at all representative Of America.  It is a town on its last legs destined to become a living museum of what went wrong with the Republican Party.  Black people are still niggers and gay people are still abominations who have neglected to pray themselves straight and “chosen” to be gay in Lynchburg.  Planned Parenthood was picketed and driven out of town years ago, long before that kind of thing caught on in other culturally backward towns across our great nation.

Charlottesville has a Whole Foods, Trader Jacks, new Wegman’s on the way and every kind of International and ethnic product and produce you ever heard of.  Lynchburg is a food desert.  Last week it was announced that even the local SEARS is closing and the building was purchased by… you guessed it, “Liberty University” to be a civic center for Christian activities.

Now, some people might be wondering why I would want to live anywhere near Lynchburg Virginia.  Why I would want to expose myself to so much hate and down right primitive behavior.  So I will tell you.  Besides the beautiful countryside, absurdly low taxes and fantastic weather there is the opportunity to study a foreign culture, a dying foreign culture, without having to get even one inoculation.

I spoke to a senior in High School this morning.  She told me that the Senior Class voted in a mock election yesterday and President Obama won overwhelmingly.  While Mom and Dad were voting for Old “Magic Underpants” Mitt the younger generation were all for gay marriage, birth control and equal pay for equal work.

Did I mention something about a dying culture?




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4 responses to “IN but not OF

  1. This is oddly optimistic…

    And the billionaires falied to buy themselves an election…sort of.

    I’m trying to be hopeful. However, I read some of the scrawlings in the comments section of the various news stories about Obama’s win. Did you know that Obama does not believe in America nor capitalism? And that the only people who voted for him were welfare cheats, illegal immigrants and women. Idiots, one and all.

    Like I said. I’m trying to be hopeful. But…

    • I try to be hopeful too Brent. I’m an Old New York Metro guy with 15 years of field work under my belt here in Jesus Land. I have learned to forgive most of the bastards because, if the truth be known, they DON’T know what they are doing. They are scared to death of change and anybody who is different. They are very easy marks for con-men of any stripe and they have my pity.

      But, their kids are plugged into the rest of the world. You can only “Home School” for so long. Sooner or later the kids grow up and have to eat and nobody is going to eat, in the future, and remain isolated, as these people have been since the Civil War. It’s grow or die my Maple Syrup chugging friend and America is at the crossroads of choice.

      Last friday I had a patient and his wife in the office. He is the Head of the Local Tea Party. His wife says to my receptionist, in front of everyone in the waiting room…. “I just heard on the news that Obama is giving out free bottles of vodka to all the niggers to get them out to vote.” A while back I complained to the Mayor of our town about it taking 10 days for a letter to get delivered to the other side of town. He remarked to me… “With all the niggers down at the post office it’s a miracle anybody gets any mail at all.”

      So remember Brent… there is no racism left in America. We are living in a “post” racial society. The reason President Obama has been disrespected and had to fight every inch of the way has nothing to do with race. Nothing at all.

  2. Barneysday

    And Mittens proudly visited and spoke at Liberty University. Great post, and your conclusions are exactly right on. As the old, white guys die out, the young, tolerant youth are taking over.

    • Thank you Barney. I appreciate your feedback very much. I hate to be a bother, but, could you please tell your friend Hugh that I had “more important things to do” than read his comment…. and besides, “half of what he posts is bullshit” anyway.

      Thank you again
      I wish you well
      Mrs. N.

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