Collage Page

“Center City”

Collage is something that has fascinated me for many years.  Encouraged by friends and family I have “mucked about” a little with paper and bits of this and that.  In the in between times of year, when my studio is neither too hot nor too cold, I can be found there deeply engaged in the process of “seeing what happens”.

“Center City”, the work displayed above, depicts the anxiety neuroses, the various phobic states, even a considerable number of depressive suicidal states and many schizophrenias amply demonstrating the ever present fear of death which becomes woven into the major conflicts of the given psychopathological conditions.

Hasn’t James stated the same thing, in his own way?

“Let sanguine healthy-mindedness do its best with its strange power of living in the moment and ignoring and forgetting, still the evil background is really there to be thought of, and the skull will grin in at the banquet.”

Then again, perhaps it’s all a crock of shit.


2 responses to “Collage Page

  1. steven specht

    nice piece!

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