Mrs. Neutrons Garage is a place we all go in but come out… different.


Nothing is more human than our ability to “alter” our reality through our ability to “dissociate” ourselves from any information, facts or evidence that contradicts “our” Reality.  (not to be confused with your reality)

   Everything published on this Blog is REAL.  But, only in my universe.  Readers will, no doubt, from time to time find points of intersection between my universe,  ”my reality”  and their own.  Welcome aboard!

  Should anyone reading this Blog be under the mistaken notion that they live in the “real world”…. That their view of reality is not tainted and twisted with all manner of bullshit and balderdash that they pretend to themselves is “real”….  Send us your photograph!  We will post it.  Who couldn’t use a good laugh?


Art Work:  The artwork displayed on this site is all copyrighted and cannot be used for any purpose, other than visual enjoyment, by the observer.  Should the artist get word, discover or get “wind of” any person, business or corporate entity using any of the work displayed on this site for any purpose, other than looking at and admiring, he will seek not only legal remedies but drastic physical ones consisting of, but not limited to, cutting out your liver and burning down your house.

   If the artist could offer one bit of advice to would be interlopers and art thieves it would be…. “Don’t even THINK about it.”…


2 responses to “About

  1. Art Fern

    I’m not so technologically proficient, son. I tried to send you the link but not successfully. But go to Yahoo and look up the story about the guy who prayed to the crucifix in Newburgh NY to cure his wife’s cancer. She got better, so the guy shows his gratitude and devotion by cleaning the 600 pound cross. Which falls on him, crushing his leg, resulting in an amputation. Which causes him to now sue the church. Jesus must be so pissed.

  2. Argus

    Wow~! And I thought I had problems (I use an old passport photo as my Gravatar image) …

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