Nobody minds being dead you know?

Does this look like octopus to you?  I was pretty sure the chef was full of shit when he told me it was.  I have always had a kind of sixth sense when it comes to detecting when someone is full of shit.   Sea-Food Deluxe Platter my ass.

"MA!  the dog threw up again.

My neighbors tell me that this is delicious.  They call it “Biscuits & Gravy” here in Dixie.  Anyone can see that it is dog puke.  The dog has gotten into something he shouldn’t have again and it has made him sick.  In the geographical areas of The Plutocratic States of America where people spend the least money on education and the most time in church they are convinced that viewing dog puke like this is a mouth watering experience.  Tip of the iceberg…  Tip of the iceberg…

Everybody has a different opinion concerning “What’s going on”.  When you get right down to the finer details of being human you find that it is impossible for any two people to agree on anything at all… one hundred percent.   This makes it exceedingly difficult to put together a civilization, form long standing relationships with other members of our species and  refrain from destructive and vindictive quarreling.   It all works for a while.  People need each other for specific periods of time, for differing reasons.  Then, the moment circumstances permit, they are at each others throats over something they see differently.   To one degree or another there is always disagreement.  It seems to be inherent in a biology that relies upon different eyes, ears, tastes and neurological wiring … that grows itself from different DNA.   Why would we expect anything less than Bedlam from such a fiasco?  It’s a fucking miracle that anything works at all.  Social insects like ants and termites put on a good show with regard to working together, selflessly, toward a common goal, but, they share the same DNA, so, it doesn’t count.

In the end it seems that a universe that extends to, and makes use of the term “infinity”, must, by definition, contain absolutely everything including this… and us… just like this.

They say that you can find all kinds of possibilities in books.   It’s true.  I have found truckloads of possibilities in books.  I know lots of other people who have too.   If something exists in a book, or, just in someone’s imagination, does that mean an infinite universe need do no more to be truly infinite?  Is that kind of a half-assed manifestation enough to count?   Is that real enough?  Next Question please…

Where can a person with a degree in Ancient Egyptian literature get a job?  If you hear of anything, would you let me know?

It’s a rainy morning here in Dixie and I have finished my Sunday morning watering of the orchids.  I find that, at this time of year, when everything seems to be going to seed, life in matter “feels” a lot more absurd than usual.  I don’t know why that is and if the truth be known… I don’t care.  August has always been like that for me.  I think there is less gravity in August.

Respectfully, or, disrespectfully… take your pick

Mrs. N.






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One response to “Nobody minds being dead you know?

  1. “When you get right down to the finer details of being human you find that it is impossible for any two people to agree on anything at all… one hundred percent.”

    I was thinking that exact same thing just yesterday. It might cause any person concerned about ‘those finer details’ to feel more estranged than they already do. They were so close… it was all starting to make sense in a way that could be shared… then an impasse, a barrier to reaching this unity of the mind. The existential comedy continues and that absurd feeling creeps in. Must be something about August.

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