What to tell kids.

Do you ever think about this?  Do you ever wonder what kids have a right to know and if anyone is at all interested in seeing to it that they are properly informed?

I find myself thinking about this a lot lately.  I’m troubled by my inability to come up with anything helpful in the way of advice for those just beginning their journey on life’s path.  The wisdom that is supposed to come with age and experience, when I look for it, isn’t there.   It’s no wonder really.  Never having quite figured out what people are for, myself, puts me in no position to offer advice on anything but short term projects.  How to tie a proper Windsor knot, treat a bag-bug infestation on an ornamental maple… things like that I can do.  That is all that was given me in my time, really.  Simple formulas for doing right like… Love my country and hate communists… follow orders, fear god and don’t get in trouble with the law.  Simple stuff to understand if you didn’t think about it too deeply and, if I did those things, and worked hard at something, everything would work out for the best and things would just keep getting better and better for everybody.

What a crock of shit that turned out to be.

“Better dead than Red” is what they taught us.  They wanted us to know that the communists were evil because they didn’t believe in god.  The communists wanted to take over America so that they could force everybody in America not to believe in god  too is what they told us.  When we were children those in authority encouraged us to think that we would be better off dead than alive, if being alive meant not believing in god any more.  To prove that point of view, and that they meant business, our government constructed thousands of atomic bombs capable of utterly destroying the only planet we have to live on rather than run the risk of letting communists take over America.  We Americans first tested two of those atomic bombs, before I was even born, on people called “Japs” 68 years ago this past week.  They worked swell.

It was all something they called M. A. D.   [M]utually [A]ssured [D]estruction.  It was really just another way of saying… Better dead than Red.

It never occurred to us how belief in a wonderful afterlife was somewhat inconsistent with the highest degree of desire for physical survival in this life.  How lucky we were to have Marxists for enemies.  Not believing in wonderful afterlives Marxists were never really likely to see any advantages at all in pressing the BIG BUTTON to start a nuclear war.  Marxists were not particularly keen on the prospects of becoming dead.  Looking back at those days… we were the ones to worry about.

Looking back a little closer at those days, and the days after, and, right up to this minute, it was never about anything but selfishness and animal-like pack rat greed here in America.  Those with power hated communists because communists would take away their stuff.  Communists would, at least in theory, eliminate both poverty and wealth.  What could possibly be worse for a wealthy person than that?

None of that has changed.  The primary concern of people with wealth and power is getting more and never losing what they have to people who have less.  “Damn the depression, starvation, misery and mayhem… full speed ahead!”  

So, what do we tell the kids?

When a young person asks you for advice what can you tell them that doesn’t make you feel kind of dirty inside?

I guess you could tell them about how much God loves them… but, you would have to hold your nose.

Kiss, kiss

Mrs. N.



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2 responses to “What to tell kids.

  1. It’s funny how communism is still such a dirty word. It is blasphemous to suggest we could learn from alternative political systems (even ones that failed); to suggest an alternative to the status quo Capitalism is treason. Both systems are flawed in the ways that they have been tried. Communism trades the people of today (e.g. think Gulag) for a utopian tomorrow (classless society); Capitalism promises a utopian today (e.g. “stuff makes you happy” & “with hard work everyone can get ahead”), but for most it will never be realized and it sacrifices the people of tomorrow (blind consumption of resources = dead-end). Hmm… maybe the best thing we can teach our kids is that while people are not bad, their ideas often are – don’t let someone else tell you how to think.

  2. It’s true Brad. The Plutocrats and Fat Cats did a thorough job of brainwashing all of us into seeing nothing good in any form of government that would, in any way, interfere with their greedy, selfish and grubby minded plans to have it all for themselves. Disgusting really.

    The truly fascinating thing is that so many of America’s so called “conservatives”, who profess to believe in and want people to be “self reliant” and see Medicare, Social Security, unemployment insurance, and other government programs as Socialism… [that must be ended for “Free Market Capitalism” to bring about a glorious tomorrow]… NEVER stop to realize that without Socialism… Capitalism could never exist.

    Fooling people, for a while, into thinking that everyone has an equal chance, in America, to become rich is one thing…

    Keeping your head firmly attached to your shoulders when the elderly are freezing to death in winter… and children are expiring in the streets without health care… and EVERYBODY has the time to reflect on the stark reality of what being a hopeless and powerless peasant REALLY means… well, that’s another kettle of fish entirely.

    I can’t help but think that that awful day is lurking out there just around the corner. My embarrassment just grows and grows.

    Nice to hear from you Brad. I hope your summer has been a pleasant mix of rest-full and productive. I have no idea what people do in Nova Scotia in the summer. I have only seen it from 30,000 feet. Everything seemed rather blurry and indistinct. I assume, close up, it’s all quite different, clearer, and a lot of fishing is probably going on.

    Be well Brad
    Mrs. N.

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