Dead a long time

Ain’t it hard when you discover that (he, she, or, it) isn’t really where it’s at?

I read yesterday that half the people in America couldn’t come up with $2000 unless they borrowed it.

In 1975 the average size of an American home was about 1500 square feet and the average cost of a new car was about $6000.  Today the average size of a new home is 2500 square feet and a car costs about $31,000.  Wages during that 38 year span have not risen at all if you factor in inflation.

As of today it is estimated that America spends approximately half a trillion dollars a year treating depression.

Feeling like crap and having little or no hope for the future appears to be the biggest growth industry in America.

Cicero said that all a person really needs is a garden and a library.  Somehow, people got the idea that to make things even better planting and harvesting must increase in efficiency until the labor of gardening wasn’t at all fun any more.   But it was progress and progress has to be good.   Our friend John Schumaker writes… “The presence of the single ruling motivation destroys all ability to concentrate on anything else.”  The very process of believing precludes acknowledgement of contrary information.   What we believe, on borrowed opinion, is that happiness is to be found “out there”.   We are consumers of products, images, symbols, icons and manufactured reality itself.   Lacking fundamental knowledge and understanding… an inward journey is impossible.  There is simply nowhere to go.

Bertrand Russell said… “Men fear thought more than they fear anything else on earth… more than ruin, more even than death.”

I think he was right.

I think America has reached the point where just thinking about the mess we have made of the world is toxic.   We must think of other things and divert ourselves from the obvious.  We must inflate denial like a big balloon… BIGGER and BIGGER and BIGGER!  We must twist our faces up into that look one gets when one knows the balloon is about to burst … and keep them twisted up permanently if we are to be in keeping with what passes for American culture.

…Or, we can turn our backs on it, as best we can, and strike off on our own.

Whenever I used to ask my grandmother’s advice on something risky, or, out of the ordinary she would always say… “You know… you are going to be dead a LONG time.”

It’s very wet in Dixie

The flowers are magnificent.

My maters got the early blight, but, the string beans keep-a-coming.

Kiss, kiss

Mrs. N.





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6 responses to “Dead a long time

  1. “We must think of other things and divert ourselves from the obvious. We must inflate denial like a big balloon…”

    Yes, denial is rampant – and it comes in many forms. I was doing a literature search not long ago and came across a recent journal article where the authors were talking about non-human primate ‘culture’… they were seriously considering whether we should extend the benefits of multiculturalism to our chimpanzee cousins (I guess they’ll make monkeys of us all yet!).

    I wish Schumaker would hurry up and write another book. Not that anything new needs to be said, but there is a lot that needs challenging, and few people who understand the big picture and what we’re up against.

    • Hi Brad,

      It seems to get crazier every day. We are having the rainiest summer in my memory and I am finding it very unpleasant. I tend to get gloomy after the summer solstice anyway, but, what with my government recording my every word and a local County Sheriff’s Deputy, who happens to be a patient, and the officer in charge of investigating applicants for concealed carry firearm permits laughing as he tells me that I am probably the only person in the County who ISN’T carrying a loaded gun everywhere… the plot continues to thicken.

      Have you ever tried to contact Old John F.? Perhaps he is unaware of how badly we need him in times such as this. If one doesn’t already exist we could start a fan club with T-shirts and official membership cards. You could be the Canadian President and I… well, I would handle things here in the Evil Empire. You should try to contact him Brad. You have head shrinking credentials. If I write him he will just think I’m nuts and ignore me, or worse, call the cops.

      Ask him for some autographed pictures!

      I hope you have a better summer than I’m having Brad.

      Your friend
      Mrs. N.

      • Thanks Mrs. N. My summer is treating me very well so far. I decided to take you up on your suggestion… that is, to see what Schumaker has been up to. But it seems that he is something of an enigma, and after a good 30-minute internet search I gave up on trying to find his contact. I cannot even reasonably discern which university he might be currently affiliated with (somewhere in New Zealand I suppose).

      • He is out there somewhere Brad. I will put my best people on it. We’ll sniff him out, don’t you worry. Mrs. N. is on the case.

  2. Art Fern

    1. The biggest growth industry in the U.S. is the for-profit incarceration sector.
    2. How does porn factor into all this? ‘Concentrating on one thing to the exclusion of all else’ and all…

    • I don’t know…on all counts Art. Is locking people up in the hoosegow bigger business than depression? Could be, but, it would be depressing if it was and that may tip the scales back again. Porn? I don’t know. It’s just another one of those embarrassing things about being human.

      I see your State is bending over backwards to help out the poor and unemployed. Ha! While North Carolina is getting redder Virginia has a guy running for governor on the “Make Oral Sex ILLEGAL” ticket. And we thought Joisey was nutz.

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