Flutterbye Baby

I slept badly last night, or, maybe I just needed to get up at 3:00am as I often do.  I really can’t tell.  I made coffee and began to read.  I read that Monarch butterflies are almost a thing of the past.  You see, they winter in colonies west of Mexico City, in a fir forest, and according to The New York TIMES…  the colonies are…  “a pitiful remnant of their former splendor. The aggregate area covered by the colonies dwindled from an average of 22 acres between 1994 and 2003 to 12 acres between 2003 and 2012. This year’s area, which was reported on Wednesday, hit a record low of 2.9 acres.”…  The TIMES goes on to inform me that these magical creatures are being done in by… “the destruction of breeding habitat in the United States because of the widespread use of powerful herbicides and genetically engineered crops, and illegal logging in Mexico’s high-elevation Oyamel fir forests.”  

So the natural tendency is to ask yourself what the fuck is the matter with people?  But, you find yourself holding back on that because you already know.  It’s too early in the day to go punishing yourself all over again with how embarrassing it is to be human.  Hold it at arms length as long as you can and don’t look at it.  Think about something else.

I drove 100 miles round trip thursday to buy bagels.  I bought 3 dozen and froze them.  30 seconds in the microwave and they are as good as good gets.  Cut them in half and lightly toast under the broiler.  Put the toasted halves in the freezer for a few minutes to cool back to room temperature.   When you schmeer on the cream cheese you don’t want it should melt.  While you wait cut up red onion, paper thin, and fetch capers and lox already.  (I feel myself becoming more and more Jewish by the minute and I’m not even a little Jewish)

So I kick back with my bagel & Lox and have a good nosh.  Sure, living amidst the gun toting goyum and having to shlep my ass 100 miles for a decent bagel is mishegis.  I know that.  I also know what’s good.   The schmucks that make bagels where I live don’t know bupkes.  They think it’s a fucking biscuit with a hole in it.  So, I drive 100 miles.  I don’t like to kvetsh about it.  But, it’s the truth.

So where does that leave us today?  I remember.  We have just about killed all the Monarch butterflies, the Middle Class and any hope of things not getting worse in America.  As I predicted a few essays ago there will be no laws to halt the stockpiling of all manner of deadly weapons on the part of Constitution loving citizens.  As it slowly dawns on Americans that not even one of their political representatives in Washington isn’t a lying sack of self serving shit, licking the boots of their corporate masters, things will get uglier.  They will become more terrified than they already are.  The population will continue to fragment into even more ridiculous groups.  Truly good cheese will become almost unobtainable.

It’s good that it is spring.   The living world around us is unlocking itself from winter and, if we look closely, there is much Nature can tell us.   But, will we understand?



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8 responses to “Flutterbye Baby

  1. Ha-ha. What kind of shrub is that? I need a few for my yard!

  2. lifewithoutinstructions

    ah I just love capers!! I however have yet to try lox so I may have to give it a try with some capers! Every summer in Maine we would find our monarch caterpillars, gather the milkweed plants for them to eat and keep them in a large aquarium. The entire process from caterpillar to butterfly is a wonderful experience for kids. My children have very fond memories of this yearly event. So this past summer my eldest wanted to raise Monarchs for my grand daughters to enjoy. We had a very hard time finding the caterpillars. We think it is because here in Pa they spray the roadsides with pesticides. The milkweed plant itself is pitiful looking because of it and I believe the Monarch is suffering! So very sad!

  3. It’s the “combo” [lifewithout]. Lox, cream cheese, capers AND paper thin sliced red onion ON a nice toasted bagel. OYE! It’s like heaven already.

    Monarchs are magic. All butterflies are magic. God damned pesticides will end up killing us all. I am becoming very much of a curmudgeon in my old age… and I ain’t even that old yet!

    Nice to hear from you dearie
    All the best
    Mrs. N.

  4. Argus

    Never fear~! Here in New Zealand we have a reserve supply of monarch butterflies … and if Nature herself isn’t sufficient, you can buy a swan plant infested with monarcaterpillars already in garden stores.

    And when you run out of cheese, we have some (bugger~! I shoudn’t have said that … I really really really should NOT have said that—now when you run out of cheese you’ll detour the Sixth Fleet (or was it the Seventh? The Chinese have funded you so many of them I lose track …) down to bring us Truth, Democracy, and the American empire—and take all our cheese as reparations).

    Damn, damn, damn …

    • We won’t run out of cheese Argus, perhaps really good cheese, but, not cheese altogether. I am thrilled to know Monarch butterflies have found a home in New Zealand. Nice to hear you haven’t made a sport out of hitting them with hammers yet.

      Don’t worry about “American Empire”. It is my understanding that my government broke off diplomatic relations with the humans in your country years ago in favor of better relations with New Zealand’s dominant life form… sheep.

      • Argus

        Hey, let’s not knock sheep … and it’s more fun to chase butterflies with a pack of dogs than whack ’em with a hammer. (Not that there’s much of a trophy after all the beagles have had a good chew.)

        I’m glad that your government broke off relations with us: ’tis better to be America’s enemy than friend, ‘cos then they will court thee and try to buy thee—
        —whereas as their friend you will be sold …

  5. Right you are Argus, but, I’m sure America doesn’t consider the human population of New Zealand enemies. I think they just found the sheep friendlier. If the truth be known, I don’t think anyone thinks about New Zealand much at all, and that’s good for you. It’s been my experience that you lot are happiest among your own and don’t care much for the rest of us anyway.

    [As James Smithins writes in E2NZ.org…]

    ..”As a sixth-generation kiwi it shames me to say this, but its true. Kiwis have become lazy, dishonest, greedy and frankly, incredibly stupid. We have become addicted to government handouts and blame immigrants for problems we don’t want to take ownership of. We cling to an image of “Friendliness” that we haven’t lived up to since the end of the second world war. Once we were farmers, warriors, inventors, painters and poets. Now we are just a bunch of in-bred whiners claiming immigrants are taking our jobs while we happily claim sickness benefits and dole payouts.”…

    As my Gran used to say… “Here we suffer grief and pain, over the road they suffer the same.”

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