It’s a sad, crazy day when you come to the realization that most of what you have been taught is nothing but crap.

How do you even begin to think straight?  How do you keep from going mad when you start to understand that so much of the very essence of “what it means to be human” falls so pathetically short of anything a self respecting creature can, or, should be proud of?  Is there a name for being overloaded with embarrassment?  Is that some kind of condition, or, diagnosis?  If there is… I have it.

The Stock Market broke a record the other day and American corporations are making almost unbelievable profits.  On the same day I read that 31% of our young people with college loans are 90+ days behind on their payments.  College loan debt in America is at right about a Trillion Dollars.  So, what do you do when you owe the bankers $100,000 plus for an education and you can’t find a job?  What do you do when you realize that those jobs that “went away” are not coming back?  I would think one of the first things you do is ask yourself… “How the fuck did I get into this mess… What was I thinking?

Mrs. N. will be happy to tell you.  You were thinking that what you were taught at school was true.  You were thinking that America is the Land of the free and everybody has an equal shot at opportunity, greatness and happiness.  You were thinking that if you kept your nose clean, played by the rules and worked hard you were, more or less, guaranteed a shot at “the good life”, even though you never really had any idea what that was.  You were thinking that because THAT is the horse shit they fed you when you were growing up.

Now you are beginning to know better.  It’s a hard lesson.  Harder perhaps for this younger generation because, other than being killed or maimed in some ridiculous war you were tricked into thinking was a smart thing to get yourself involved in, nothing quite beats the realization that you have been scammed out of a hundred grand, and some faceless banker owns your ass as surely as if you were his slave.  You are 23 years old.

If you think about what George has to say in the YouTube clip that I began this little essay with I don’t think you will be able to stop yourself from feeling a little embarrassed for what we are.  The more you think about it… the worse it gets.  The more you see how we all play our part in the Big Scam that is our culture the more embarrassing it all becomes.

Where did we get the balls to teach little black children that they lived in a country founded on the idea that “All men are created equal” and they could expect “Equal justice under the Law”?  We knew it was bullshit!  We taught it to them anyway, and we kept a straight face while we were doing it.  That is the kind of stinkers humans are.  Tricking white kids into borrowing their life away for a diploma they may as well use to wipe their ass with is nothing compared to the horse shit we fed black kids.  Talk about chickens coming home to roost!

It’s at times like this that I wish I was a religious man.  For, if I was, I could be truly thankful to a merciful, all seeing GOD for the fact that I live in the Southern United States of America where racism is a thing of the past.  Why, it wasn’t long ago that I had the pleasure of having a conversation with a former Mayor of our beautiful little Christian community.  We spoke of the weather, politics and I mentioned to him that I was expecting a delivery of a package from the post office and it seemed to be a bit overdue…  He replied with a smile, in a meticulously cultured Virginia Gentleman’s accent…

“With all the Niggers in the Post Office it’s a miracle anybody gets any mail at all.”

How can you not be embarrassed?  Only one way I’m afraid.  Unfortunately for us all, that’s the most embarrassing thing of all about what it means to be human.

Kiss, kiss

Mrs. N.





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4 responses to “Pretenducation

  1. George Carlin is so wonderful to listen to… a brilliant comedian.

    Among the many educational myths that we buy into is believing that the more we have, the better paid we will be. The harsh truth is discovered, however, when we see all those philosophers working for Starbucks or Best Buy. We don’t reward education in this culture… only usefulness within the capitalistic system, where the wealthy do the thinking for us.

  2. Maybe Brad… there is education and EDUCATION. If you go after a degree because you think it will make you money it’s more like attending a trade school. A real education should make you an educated person, and an educated person knows that money doesn’t equate to happiness.
    My daughter has an undergraduate degree in philosophy and a masters in Sociology from Mr. Jefferson’s School here in Virginia. She has had interesting jobs, but, chose to be a stay at home mom like every other girl she was friends with in her honors dorm during undergrad. They were all going to set the world on fire after graduation, but, instead opted to marry VERY WELL to PhD guys in science and engineering. They all seem very happy and the next generation is being raised by highly educated moms instead of daycare workers making around minimum wage.
    We told our children they HAD to go to college and they could go anywhere they liked PROVIDED they got scholarships. We expected it. There was no doubt from when they were little. Good grades were just expected. The Mrs. and I just pretended we were Chinese and it was easy.

    I think encouraging kids to get these huge loans for college is just stupidity. It is the kind of stupidity that made Americans get home mortgages they couldn’t pay off and forget that what goes up must come down. A VERY profitable kind of mass stupidity encouraged by evil bankers. (pardon me for being redundant)

    Brad… didn’t everybody get more or less a degree in Philosophy back in the days when the sons of the abominably rich were the only ones at university? Teach them to THINK so they could take over the family monopoly and expand on all that their ancestors managed to pillage, pirate and steal? …Or, of course, enter the clergy.

    • I not so much referring to those who get a degree for the money, but rather those who are led to believe (by the people that are set to profit from their ignorance) that they can follow their dreams, get educated, and make a comfortable living at their job of choice. I agree, education makes you an educated person, but it is not until many people spend the money acquiring it, that they realize that they may spend the rest of their lives paying for it, while in some cases not even being able to use their degree in a way that directly applies to their field.

      Psychology is a perfect example. I teach to fourth year undergraduate students, most of who believe that it is simply a ‘choice’ to go on to graduate school and become a psychologist. Then I inform them that most schools accept 5 students out of 250 highly qualified applicants (suggesting that it also involves a lot of luck). I also suggest that they do the math before committing… the majority of undergraduate students carry student debt, then they have to sign on for 6-7 years of graduate school. That’s 6-7 years of going into more debt and 6-7 years of lost income (something students never seem to calculate). No one talks about how much ‘chasing your dreams’ will cost, or how hard it will be to find a decent paying job when you get out. By the time they figure it out (i.e. by the time they become educated), they have already done at least 4 years of a degree that will bring them nothing tangible for their return.

      “Brad… didn’t everybody get more or less a degree in Philosophy back in the days when the sons of the abominably rich were the only ones at university? Teach them to THINK so they could take over the family monopoly and expand on all that their ancestors managed to pillage, pirate and steal?”

      Yes, they might have represented the majority of university students, but I doubt they were eager to take philosophy classes… It seems to me that those who did, would be more inclined to come out questioning mommy and daddy (and likely disappointing them), rather than use their deductive reasoning skills to calculate ways of duping the masses as they take the family business to higher levels of profitability. I would guess that the one’s in university that you are referring to would have been more likely commerce students (but I could be wrong).

  3. I found this this morning Brad.

    Great resource. Cost, graduation rate, default rate… I read last week that the average veterinarian in America starts practice $310,000 in debt and that we have a glut of them, so, they average someplace in the $40,000’s in income out of school. What a deal. Personally, I couldn’t understand people who only eat vegetables, but, it takes all kinds.

    Somehow I seem to remember an old Jesuit Philosophy prof of mine telling us that, back in the day, it was all philosophy & the Classics. Not until after WWII was all this “Commerce & Marketing nonsense added to the mix.

    The web site above shows Harvard as costing the average student $18,277 out of pocket a year with a 97.4% graduation rate and a 1% default rate on loans. “Liberty University” (my favorite) where the earth is 6000 years old and gay people are not admitted costs the average student $21,198 out of pocket a year, has a graduation rate of 46.7% and a default rate of 7.1%.

    Listen Brad. It sounds to me like you have a nice gig going for yourself and, unless I miss my guess, you are very good at what you do. You made it. So, any time you are having a not-so-good day… consider the veterinarians. It’s one thing to owe your soul to The Bankers, it’s quite another to make your living sticking your fingers up dogs asses.

    Be well my friend
    Mrs. N.

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