The Truth about Backpacks

Does anybody ever wonder why all American schools have lockers for every child, and yet, they are expected to carry all their books and belongings around on their backs, from class to class?  We never did that when we went to school.  The bell rang, and between classes we went to our lockers and dropped off what we no longer needed and picked up what was necessary for the next class.   That’s why we had lockers in the first place.

Since schools still have lockers I wondered why kids today don’t use them the way they used to.  In an attempt to find out I enquired of students I come in regular contact with why they carry their books around instead of retrieving them, as needed, from their lockers.  I got the same reply from them all.  “They don’t give us enough time to go to our lockers.”

This occurred to me as odd.  What’s a few minutes, in a school day full of time wasters, set aside so that our children don’t grow up bent over and looking like pack animals?  I caused me to wonder why, today, those few minutes can’t be found when, in the past, they were available.  Who made the decision to force children to carry everything on their backs?  Who decided there wasn’t enough time to use lockers any more?  After all, is there anything else that is built into every school with the full knowledge that there will be no time to use it?

Mrs. N. became suspicious and began to contemplate this situation in more detail.  A quick Google search revealed these facts…

  • From a survey by the American Academy of Orthopedics: 71% of doctors feel backpacks are a clinical problem, 58% see patients with pain related to backpacks, and 52% think that this is a serious problem.
  • 55% of students carry an overloaded backpack.
  • 3,300 children aged 5-14 were treated in emergency rooms in 1997 for backpack related injuries according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • An Auburn University study showed that 67% of children suffered muscle soreness, 51% back pain, 24% numbness and 15% shoulder pain.
  • 65% of adolescents’ doctor visits are due to backpack injuries as reported by National Public Radio in October of 1998.

This caused Mrs. N…. (ALWAYS suspicious of authority figures), to become even more suspicious.  She began to ask herself questions.

With all the pain and expense these backpacks seem to cause, why don’t school authorities just add a few more minutes to the time kids have between class?  Those minutes existed in my school day, why can’t they now?  What is it they hope to accomplish by forcing our children to carry heavy loads on their backs?  

Then it hit me!  Like a bullet right between the eyes.

The bastards are preparing our children for the world they will grow up into.  The backpack, and the heavy load it represents are the education!  The books, tests and teachers are superfluous.  They are the things that no longer have a use.  This is the underlying reason nobody in authority seems to give a shit that our schools rank so poorly.  This is the reason teachers are paid such a miserable pittance.

In a future where only the Plutocrats can afford to send their children to college, and gasoline has become scarce and prohibitively expensive, an army of dumbed down heavy load carriers will be necessary to move all manner of freight goods from place to place.

Beasts of burden they will be, and that is exactly what the owners of America are busy training our children’s backs for today.  As usual, and exactly what my readers have come to expect, Mrs. N. sees right through the diabolical plans of those who lurk behind the scenery pulling all the strings.

Rest well my gentle readers.  Rest in the full knowledge that, on your behalf, Mrs. N. never will….


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