Look at it this way.

Perhaps it’s all been nothing but bullshit?

Maybe bullshit is the very point of human beings and our reason for existence in the first place?

It’s quite an achievement if you think about it.  After 14 billion years of expansion, differentiation, combination and evolution the universe has succeeded in producing, pulling out of itself, something that can conceive of and believe anything to be true.  Anything at all.  It doesn’t matter how impossible, improbable, or, how crazy it is, humans will believe it.  They will live for it and die for it.  If we don’t have an answer to a question we bullshit one up with the ease that a fish swims and a bird takes wing.  If it can be said that our species has a foundation in anything, anything at all, it must be admitted that that foundation, that rock upon which we are built, is bullshit.   One person lies, the next person swears to it and we are “Off to the Races”.

It’s not so bad if you think about it.  It’s not like we lost a lottery or something. No more than any other thing, animate or inanimate, lost a race to be something other than it is.  Obviously the universe needs EVERYTHING, or, quite frankly, it wouldn’t be the Universe.  It wouldn’t, by definition, contain “All” that could be, leaving it short of what a Universe must be.  That, I think, is where we come in.  Bullshit generators… because, without bullshit generation the Universe would come up short.  It would lack dreams.  It would lack fantasy.  It would be a poorer place for our absence.  It wouldn’t BE all that it could be.

The question I have found myself puzzled with is the future of all this bullshit.  How does it end?  Do we continue to bullshit ourselves blindly into extinction, or, do we somehow evolve in a different direction that permits our survival?  On the one hand I don’t really care because I won’t be here, but, on the other hand, even for purely my own curiosity, it would be interesting to know.  Do we go the way of the giant dinosaurs, getting bigger and bigger (and bullshitting ourselves more and more), or, do we somehow undergo a metamorphosis of our very natures and evolve into some improbable kind of bird with wings of logic rather than feathers?  In short… can we leave the bullshitting behind and still remain anything resembling “Human”?

That’s the question.

I’m not optimistic.  I fear that the bullshit is already so deep on planet earth that none of us has much hope of escaping drowning in it.  It’s just way to deep!

I’m an American and America is the best country in the world because we say so.  God is on our side because our leaders say so.  Our form of government is better than any other because we say so.  Our Constitution is an example of the finest thinking and the highest virtue ever expressed by mankind… the pinnacle of the art and science of government.  Because of all these things we have the right (God given) to force all other governments, nations and peoples to do as we wish them to do.  [Make all the children and adults memorize this and repeat it over and over and over again…]

Our Constitution and Bill of Rights was written by men who owned slaves… So, they were ALL shameless Bullshitters.

To think that a government controlled by the “Will of the People” can ever work for long is obviously Bullshit because the secret of sanity can never be found in the combination of  idiocies.

So, what’s a person to do?  What are our choices?  Do we have choices?

I would appreciate the input, with regard to the above questions, of any interested party.

As for myself… a fish gotta swim and a bird gotta fly.

Kiss, kiss

Mrs. N.






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2 responses to “Look at it this way.

  1. Judy

    I miss you two.

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