Blazing Politics

Nothing philosophical, or, in any way “deep” going on in my little observational essay today.  It’s just that, what with 6 miserable, drippy and cloudy days under my belt out of the last 6, I needed some cheering up last night and it was delivered in the form of a motion picture.  To be specific, Blazing Saddles.  

It really wasn’t until last night that I came to fully appreciate Mel Brooks’ seeming ability to not only look into the future, but, produce a metaphorical motion picture the sole purpose of which was to prepare the American people for the first black President.

He saw the future!  Mel Brooks not only accurately anticipated the reaction of our deeply intrenched political plutocratic class, but, he also gave us ample warning of EXACTLY how Congress would conduct themselves and the Nations business when and “if” a black man were elected President.

If that wasn’t enough, (and how the hell he did this I don’t know) he even accurately predicted that the Sheriff (I mean President) would be forced, again and again, to fall back on the one and only true friend he had.  The Waco Kid, or, as we have come to know him today… Joe Biden.

Can we even go further?  Can we even find uncanny similarity in the part played by the female lead?  Lili von Shtupp, AKA/Hillary Clinton


Beginning as an adversary on a mission to destroy the Black Sheriff  she finds herself drawn in and, in the end, enthralled by that certain something that stands him apart.  She is, over night, turned from enemy to friend and confidant.

So how does it all end?

Probably just like the movie does.

Very stupidly

The people of Rock Ridge (America), as dumb as rocks and preoccupied with nonsense, continue to muddle on with their pathetic lives as the aloof Sheriff eventually rides off into the sunset.  The cowboy Congress continues to do nothing but misunderstand what is happening and fart around uselessly producing noise and stink and little else.


Bill Clinton goes on to remain the powerful political force that he is…

And politics and “The Peoples Business” in Washington, go on as usual.

So was I right in thinking that Mel Brooks saw into the future and produced “Blazing Saddles” as a prediction, or, better yet a WARNING to us all with regard to… what was to come?  Or… was Oscar Wilde, who held in his 1889 essay The Decay of Lying that “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life” REALLY the one who was right?

I leave that to my gentile readers to decide.

Kiss, kiss

Mrs. N.



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2 responses to “Blazing Politics

  1. I *like* this so much I’ll volunteer to help you with your next garage sale…and I hate hate hate garage sales….!

  2. Thank you!

    You know, there isn’t really much, in my book, worse than a garage sale. Miserable fucking scavengers sniffing around other peoples crap. You have something you think is worth, say $10. You put a stupid sticker on it that says… 50 cents. Someone comes up to it, looks at it closely and asks you if you will take a nickel for it and you have to kill them.

    Save yourself the aggravation and throw the crap out with the rest of the garbage. Keeps the creeps off your property and down at the dump where they belong.

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