The Right Idea

My friend here was positive that he had all the right ideas.  By all accounts he was very highly skilled at explaining his ideas to others in a way that made them wholeheartedly agree.  He had more friends and loyal supporters than you could shake a stick at.  To say he was popular would be an understatement.  He was the cat’s pajamas.

This is what he looked like as a baby.

He sure was a cute little guy, even without the mustache.  The funny thing is, when you look at this picture, the mustache seems to be, somehow, missing.  Like it has every right to be there, but, isn’t.  Like if you could go back in time and bounce little Adolf on your knee until he giggled you would be thinking to yourself… “He just doesn’t look right without his mustache!  I know that is what I would be thinking because that face, even when it was a little face, is forever defined by that little square patch of hair beneath its nose even when that nose was a cute little button nose.   

Go ahead and look at that little face and then tell me something isn’t missing.  I rest my case.

There is something “wrong” with this X-Ray too.  At first you may not pick it up, but, inevitably I’m sure you will.

I get that same “There is something wrong” feeling whenever I look at a politician.  Most of the time I can’t put my finger on it, but, I always get that feeling.  In all honesty I have never met one that I trusted and I think the reason for that is a very personal one.  I could go into lengthy detail about my reasons, make them complicated, convoluted and elaborate.  I’m not going to though.  I will spare my reader that time.  I will just give it to you straight.  I don’t trust people who have a desire to tell other people what to do.  I don’t see that trait as anything but a shortcoming.  I am of the opinion that history gives us far more examples of why we should never trust people who have a desire to “tell other people what to do” than it does reasons to trust them.   I have always been of the opinion that our governmental representation should be selected exclusively by lottery and that, by law, they should have to return to their original home towns for a minimum of 10 years when their terms as political representatives comes to a close.  Should they refuse to take office once they have been chosen they should be forced to spend the length of what would be their term in federal prison.  I am also of the opinion that they should all, even the women, be forced to sport Hitler mustaches throughout their entire term of office.

The mustache will encourage us all to keep a close eye on them and make it difficult for them to ever forget the sacred trust they have been given.

Of course, it will also be hilarious.  There is never enough of that to go around for me.

Merry Christmas from the shores of Lake Cayuga.  It’s snowing, as it should be at this time of year.  If you look down closely you can probably see me waving you all a Happy New Year.






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4 responses to “The Right Idea

  1. “I don’t trust people who have a desire to tell other people what to do.”

    Yup – also one of the initial reasons for my dislike of those militant atheists. Anyone who tries to forcefully shove a particular position down your throat has a hidden agenda – they might not even know it themselves, but it is certainly there. On that note, I think Dawkin’s should also be forced to wear the Hitler ‘stache as long as he is doing all of those angry talks online.

  2. You know Brad, those “militant atheists” never really bothered me as much as the religious entrepreneurs, but, I get your point.

    I’m not sure Dawkins deserves a Hitler mustache. Political figures yes, but, just expressing an opinion that someone finds objectionable would have all but the mute and brain dead sporting one.

    Perhaps you can help me out with this Brad. Teenagers always seek to outrage the adult population with being “different”. I see young people outrageously pierced, tattooed and sporting everything but plates in their lips, a La some 1960’s article in a National Geographic. Never in my life have I seen a young man with a Hitler mustache. Next semester you should offer the male members of one of your classes a one grade boost just for sporting a Hitler mustache. They could write a short paper on how they were received by the community. They could not, of course, reveal why they grew it. I think it’s the final taboo.

  3. Maybe I am being a bit strong in my language… these types have been getting on my nerves lately as they are overpopulating the blogosphere with their single-track rhetoric. I think the difference is that when some religious fundamentalist is haranguing you, you can obviously brush it off as religious ranting, so the mustache is not needed… religion is based not on reason, but on faith. But it is not so obvious with folks aggressively pressing their views under the guise of ‘science.’ Like the politician, a mustache would be helpful to remind us to be more cautious in what message we take away from it. My views are a bit complicated on this matter – maybe I will post about it in the near future. But perhaps there is also truth to what you say – with these standards there might only be a handful of clean-shaven among us.

    The experiment you propose would be an interesting one for sure, but I don’t think I could give enough bonus points to justify the abuse they would undoubtedly suffer. Then again, the right person might pull it off… Lemmy from Motorhead walks around in Nazi clothing when he feels like it… he’s as anti-Hitler as the rest of us, he just thought they had the coolest uniforms. I don’t think the ‘stache would suit him though.

    • It sounds like you probably hated him Brad, but, I always appreciated Christopher Hitchens. Then again, I live in the Fundamentalist Christian capital of the planet… Jerry Falwells home town. I think if you spent a few years here living with and listening to “Young Earth” nut-jobs all day I could sell you a T-shirt with a picture of Dawkins on it…. and probably a coffee mug too.

      You should post about it. I would love to read your views.

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