The Visual Metaphor

Remember Me?

I had [C-SPAN-2] Booknotes on the tube early this morning in the other room while I was getting set up to water my orchids.  I soak them a few at a time in a big 5 gallon tub.  In the background I hear a woman discussing her book  “Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else”.   Her name is Chrystia Freeland and the thing I heard that caught my ear and got me thinking was this tidbit of information.  Two of the richest men in America own more than over one hundred million other Americans do, collectively.

As fate would have it I heard this shocking (to me at least) bit of information while I was loading up the tub with some of the members of my Phalaenopsis orchids collection.  The phalaenopsis orchid is what they call monopodial. That simply means that it always has just one main stem.  At this time of year that “main stem” is growing and preparing for the day it will produce magnificent flowers.  What it is, actually, is a long neck and a great deal of care must be taken to protect that neck during watering, or, moving of any kind.  It is very fragile and any damage will result in ending any hope of flowers.  In other words… If you cut the neck, that’s all she wrote!

As the author of the book went on with her dissertation on how badly the “Plutocrats” are fucking over the rest of the human beings on planet earth, grabbing FAR MORE than they need, or, could ever use while 50,000 human beings starve to death each day I got to thinking how much they, the Plutocrats that is, resemble Phalaenopsis orchids.  Such thin and vulnerable necks.

The author went on to discuss how a very, very small group of obscenely wealthy Americans have hijacked our government and made a mockery of any claim we may think we have to being a democracy.. “Of the People and By the People”.   She clearly demonstrated that you would have to be a real idiot not to see that our politicians were owned by the rich and beholden to them for their office.  She elaborated with regard to just how thoroughly the common working people in America have been screwed… and made to enjoy it.

I got to thinking how much organized religion plays a part in this and how the Plutocrats of every age have gone out of their way to support and promote religious fervor.  I read the following in a Blog that shall remain nameless.  The poor bastard who wrote it has enough to be embarrassed about.

“Religion is a crumbling institution in this country, and I believe a long, introspective search with the intent of rediscovering its roots is the only process that might save it. Organized religion has strayed and taken distant paths away from its true message of love and compassion to the community of mankind.”

OK, how far up your ass does your head have to be to not know that the purpose of religion has NOTHING to do with …love and compassion to the community of mankind…?   Obviously this clown never read his Bible where God demanded the grizzly death of any and all who dared to disobey His Holy Laws.

The purpose of religion is to offer an escape from death to those within a group who agree that a specific supernatural (and usually farcical) tale is REALLY TRUE and not ridiculous bullshit after all.   It’s group dissociation.  It’s pretending, in a group, that reality is what we wish it is.

And what do these poor souls get for all this pretending… and WHY would the Plutocrats support this nonsense so steadfastly?   EASY!  The ignorant poor get the God given promise that no matter how miserable their life is on earth… In the NEXT life they will be riding high on the hog and the greedy fat cats will have their faces in the dirt.  They get the bullshit promise of living forever gloriously!

The Plutocrats?   They get the best deal and the most out of the bargain as usual.   They get to pretend that it is God’s Will that they are stinking rich and furthermore that it is God’s Will that less fortunate people are starving to death for lack of what the Plutocrats have more of than they can possibly use.

Tell me THAT ain’t a neat trick.  Fat Cat Republicans can ALWAYS be counted on to support Fundamentalist Christian Crack-Pots.  Those oil rich brothers who funded Republican candidates with hundreds of millions of dollars support Fundamentalist Christianity 100%   How can you not laugh?  Oil moguls “pretending” to believe that the very earth they suck the oil out of is only 6,000 to 10,000 years old.  Their ENTIRE business model is reality based and reality is that the carbon that became oil was laid down during… The Carboniferous period  a geologic period and system that extends from the end of the Devonian Period, about 359.2 ± 2.5 Ma (million years ago), to the beginning of the Permian Period, about 299.0 ± 0.8 Ma.

The bastards go on to “pretend” with the religious nuts that men and dinosaurs lived together and that global warming and concern for overpopulation and wholesale pollution of our entire planet are nothing to worry about.  A liberal, atheist plot to turn man away from God who is and will continue to take care of everything.  Talk about willful ignorance!

So I got to thinking.  The vast majority of people are entirely too terrified of the prospect of their own death to be of any value in restoring our democracy.  They will trade ANYTHING…. Believe ANYTHING… if it promises them they won’t “really” die.  Religion IS their opium and they want nothing to do with kicking the habit.

So, perhaps it’s up to those of us who are not addicted to point the finger toward the future.  Perhaps we owe it to the Plutocrats to remind them of how this nonsense ALWAYS ends.  Perhaps, just for educational purposes mind you, we should construct two guillotines.  One outside The Capitol.  Another outside The New York Stock Exchange.

Then, of course, we could distribute millions of round colorful guillotine stickers to be placed where ever and whenever we found Plutocrats at work, or, at play.

Perhaps we could fund all this through a tax exempt foundation?  But, what could we call it?  I don’t know… how about  [The Word to the Wise Foundation] ?


[Happy Birthday Tommy]



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2 responses to “The Visual Metaphor

  1. Well said. I never really thought about the relationship between plutocracy and religion… yes, it is a perfect fit isn’t it? Feed the masses their daily anesthetic and they won’t question what’s being done to them. But I wonder how many of the so-called Plutocrats consciously engage in this form of public manipulation. They would have to be an evil sort of lot, and probably a lot more intelligent than they actually are. It seems more likely that they sleep at night by themselves believing in God. He would after all be a perfect alibi if you know what I mean.

  2. You are probably right Brad. I’m sure some are, or, in the past were smart and evil enough to use religion to keep the peasants away from the gates, but, believing God wants me to be stinking rich, or I wouldn’t be, works too.

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