GOD gave this bomb to me!

When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being.  [Eleanor Roosevelt]

So, I’m reading the paper and Israel is bombing the living shit out of the Palestinians again.  The New York TIMES said it was Israel’s intention to bomb the Palestinians “Back to the Stone Age”.   I read last night, before I slipped into the land of Nod, that 50,000 years ago Neanderthals lived in the Golan Heights.  It is thought that they had been there for 50,000 years previous.  Not too long after 40,000 years ago our ancestors, Homo sapiens, put the Kay-Bosh on the Neanderthals in the area we call Israel today.  It was genocide in the real Stone Age.  Our genetic ancestors didn’t have missiles, helicopters and atomic weapons.  They just had better stone tools and, perhaps, a more cunning brain when it came to killing.  No one knows what line of bullshit the Homo sapiens fed themselves, or, the Neanderthals with regard to why they figured they should own the land.  There is serious doubt as to whether either group practiced circumcision.  No records exist as to who told the best jokes, or, made the best stand-up comedians.  Not like today.

I find the fact that Israel has atomic weapons deeply unsettling.  I find the fact that Americans think some farcical God gave the deed to the land we now call Israel to Jewish people very disturbing.  I have many reasons for this.  The biggest reason is that it is absurd to think a supernatural, mythical being who lives in the sky, is in charge of real estate ownership simply because some group of people claim that is the case.  Americans where I live are positive God gave the Holy Land to the Jews, temporarily, and my fundamentalist christian neighbors are all just chomping at the bit for atomic war to break out thereabouts.  They have it on good authority that the moment the air clears Jesus will show up and punish everybody who didn’t agree with them.  Boy will they be sorry then!  HE will punish the Jews too because… well… they are Jews, after all.  Only the right kind of christians come out on top in this story.

Did I leave out the part where a person has to be fucking nuts to believe a word of this crap?

I was thinking about all this craziness while I was outside working in the garden this morning and it occurred to me that this is precisely where Mitt Romney and his Mormon friends missed the boat.  What “Old Magic Underpants” Mitt SHOULD have done during the Republican debates was announce to everyone that the Mormon Church had 25 thermonuclear devices and the means to deliver them anyplace in the world at a moments notice.  He should have proudly announced that Mormons had been notified long ago that GOD gave the whole fucking world and everything in it to them.  I mean, why not?  It worked for the Jews and since we all know that if you are going to tell a lie and expect people to buy it you had best tell the biggest whopper you can make up.  Hitler knew that.  Obviously, going by the last election, Mitt and the Republican AND Democratic party knows that.

So, he could have faked it all.  A few photoshopped pictures of Mormon submarines and missile silos deep beneath the Temple in Salt Lake City, home of the world famous Mormon Pumpernickel Choir.  Piece of cake!  I’m thinking faced with that caliber of bullshit even Obama would have found himself out of his depth.

The operative word here once again is Bullshit.  Here is how it works when it comes to stupid wars that fat cat white people make enormous profits off of.  There is this unwritten law you see.  It goes like this.  Every generation is cunningly tricked into thinking it is wise and honorable to surrender their bodies and minds to “The Government” and serve in “The Military”.  Now, no matter how stupid, fucked up and ridiculous the misadventures “The Government” send the members of “The Military” on and no matter how badly it comes out with regard to death, dismemberment and slaughter of the innocents EVERYBODY promises to pretend that it was a good idea to go.  (read that again)  At NO time is it permissible to reflect on how abysmally stupid it is to sign away your rights to a government that lies like a fucking rug.  At EVERY opportunity, the generation that was fooled into jumping feet first into the meat grinder last go-round, MUST try to convince the next generation that doing the same thing is a GREAT and Noble Idea.   Suggesting that this kind of activity, tricking the young into doing the same stupid shit you were tricked into doing is, perhaps, not the smartest,or, noblest thing to be doing is frowned upon.  Telling the truth in situations involving war and military service spoils all the fun.

John McCain was in the news a lot this week.  He became a Big Shot politician because people were confused into thinking he was a hero.  People felt sorry for him because he was stuck in a prison in North Vietnam for years.  They voted for him because they thought he was a hero.  I never thought he was a hero.  I always thought that dropping giant bombs on women and children who had never done a damn thing to hurt America or Americans was a pretty rotten thing to do.  Doing it from thousands and thousands of feet in the sky always seemed amazingly cowardly to me even though there was a chance you could be shot down.  John McCain was unlucky one day and he was shot down.  I can honestly say that the North Vietnamese treated John McCain MUCH better than I would have if he was trying to blow my mother, wife or children to little tiny bits.  If he survived the crash and I found him I think I would have killed him on sight.  I really don’t think I could have stopped myself.  What kind of a prick kills helpless women and children?

At the time John McCain and the rest of my generation, who surrendered their bodies to the Military to do the bidding of the stockholders of Dow Chemical, General Dynamics and the other profit minded purveyors of war and mayhem, were killing millions of Vietnamese and agent orange-ing everything in sight our politicians and generals were telling us that the only way out of this mess was to…… wait for it…..  “Bomb the North Vietnamese BACK to the Stone Age”.

So, there you have it.  Because one generation can’t admit to themselves that they were fooled into killing people based on  outrageous lies and made up bullshit stories …. it goes on and on.  Because one generation refuses to face the fact that veterans are routinely forgotten, mistreated and pushed out of the way… more warm bodies to fuel the war machine are guaranteed.  Because, rather than admit that the Vietnam War was a boondoggle where millions were killed for no good reason, other than corporate profits, and tens of thousands of Americans in uniform were broken in mind and body many of  the survivors, to this very day, continue to fool themselves into thinking it all had something to do with honor.

They stand mute as child like boys and girls are persuaded to abdicate their autonomy and be fitted for uniforms.  They close their eyes and ears to the truth of what new horror their tax dollars are purchasing now.  They repeat the same lies that were told to them and it’s “Back to the Stone Age” one more time for the next group of poor bastards lacking the skills and tools necessary to defend their real estate.

I’ll tell you, if we don’t smarten-up and start admitting the truth about all this nonsense real soon it will be “Back to the Stone Age” for us all.

“To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest.” [Mahatma Gandhi]

It is important to be careful what you believe and what that makes you believe in.



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2 responses to “GOD gave this bomb to me!

  1. A powerful post. I remember when the Iraq War started. All I could think was – don’t people remember Vietnam and the lies that were told? Don’t they remember what happened to the vets when they got home? Don’t they remember the war-profiteers? Don’t they ever read a history book full of stories about this or that empire or nation and it’s claims to god’s will?

    Then I get depressed and start humming Dylan’s Idiot Wind…

  2. So who is it up to Brent if not the older and hopefully wiser generation? But, what do we get from them? It’s almost as if they would rather see another war and another generation maimed and killed rather than admit they, in their time, were fooled.

    I have grown to hate their stupid excuses for never learning.

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