Embarrassing Moments

I’m having one of those long, drawn out, embarrassing moments again.  Episode is probably a better word for it and even that doesn’t convey accurately what I am feeling because deep in my gut I know that this isn’t really going to end.  I will have times of diversion and there will be times when my mind is so occupied with other things that I will temporarily forget where I am and, more importantly, what I am.  I’m human and I’m an American.  Today I can’t forget either.  I understand that as a red blooded American I should be feeling “Exceptional”.   I DO!

Children are our future.

Unfortunately, the only thing exceptional I feel is exceptionally embarrassed.   That’s the whole damn problem with self awareness.   You can’t hide everything from yourself all the time.  A lot of the time you can, but, not all the time.

I watched the debate last night between the Kenyan and the White guy with the “Magic Underpants”.  To be more accurate I should say I watched a little of the debate and then went to bed.  There were so many things about it that I just couldn’t stand.  One of them was the people in the audience, who provided the questions.  People who just couldn’t quite make up their mind yet.  So, after being bombarded with information 24/7 and exposed relentlessly to the enormous philosophical differences between these two characters….. what kind of a mental midget says… “Jeepers, I just can’t decide.”?  I’ll tell you what kind.  The kind I don’t waste my time listening to.

So, I went to bed with a book and learned that there are approximately 50,000 nuclear bombs in the world and that if just 1% of them were set off it would probably render this earth of ours uninhabitable for humans.  So you have to ask yourself, where the hell did we get the idea that humans are “intelligent creatures”?  When you are done with that beauty ask yourself how the Bozos debating last night ever came to the conclusion that an economy…. ANY ECONOMY…. dealing with the finite resources of a closed system planet with a rapidly growing population could continue to GROW FOREVER?

I stopped to get a cup of coffee this morning and the young lady behind the counter called me Sugar.  They do that down South all the time.  Call you Sugar, or, Honey Bunch, or, some other equally cute name, but, that’s not the point.  The point is she had holes in her earlobes about an inch across that were kept open by short lengths of white PVC pipe that had been cut to fit, probably by her boyfriend.  Personally I think it detracted from the spider & spider web tattoo on her neck.  As I turned away she sold a hard pack of Marlboro Reds to the next Sugar in line.

I remembered the National Geographic magazines that used to have pictures of natives with bones in their noses and big plates in their lips and I thought….. soon.

I seem to remember a man once walked on the moon.  It was an American kind of man.  Dang, you would never know it to look at us now.



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5 responses to “Embarrassing Moments

  1. Welcome to the new barbarism. I have blogged about this!

    • Every new generation seeks to shock the one before with how different they are than their parents. That used to be pathetically easy. We were a rather conformist culture and it took precious little to stick out. As a teenager all I had to do is skip a haircut and all the authority figures in my life were on Red Alert. The Baby Boom generation went on to make nonconformity the new conformity. Being shocking became more and more difficult until young people were forced to consult National Geographic for “new” ideas on how to be outrageous.

      I get that. I get establishing a generational identity too. What I don’t get is the utter lack of embarrassment on the part of the players in the play. Fun is fun and nobody likes a good time more than myself, but, stupidity, anti-intellectualism, Creationism, Birtherism and a guy wearing “Magic Underpants” running for president who can’t tell the same story twice is just going too far for me. I don’t really see this as a “new barbarism” as much as a malignant and pernicious form of inflated self esteem. The inevitable result, perhaps, of what happens when everybody gets a trophy for just breathing.

      • Barneysday

        When you’re stupid, you don’t know you are stupid. See Sarah Palin. Why are we not embarrassed? Thats why.

        The debate was fun, just to see Mittens finally called out on some of his grander lies and tales. But you are right about the undecided. How can they be at this late date. Or, as another friend says, we have become too dumb to have a democracy.

  2. America? This is the rest of the world. We need you. We need you to feel better about ourselves. We need to know there is some other country just so much worse than ours, and so deluded about themselves as to not have a clue that we are all laughing at you. Especially the ones who go on and on about how great America is, or could be, or was. We don’t need you as an example to follow. We also pray we will never be like you. Although, I’m worried….we have Stephen Harper here….so, I’m really worried. Would you like to have him?

    • What a Pal Brent. Sure is comforting to know that our neighbor to the north has our back. So tell me, ya hoser, where the hell would you lot be without us to buy your maple syrup……..”A”?

      Laughin at us “A”? Oh yeah…. well we are laughin right back at ya.

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