What is man but the animal who steadfastly refuses to believe he is an animal?

I read with interest the other day that both “postpartum depression” and the “Mid-Life Crises” are psychological conditions that only exist in modern “Western” cultures.  Can you imagine my surprise?  All along I assumed, as I was informed by our health care professionals and their allies down at the pharmaceutical research laboratories, that they both were simply one more example of that seemingly ubiquitous condition commonly known as “a chemical imbalance”.

The picture you see above is, if we are to be honest with each other, the TRUE depiction of what it means to be an American.  The Great Seal of The United States of America badly needs updating.  It is wildly inaccurate.

Capitalism and Consumer Culture have not increased human happiness.  There, I have said it.  What we are left to determine is not what we want, but, what we “are”.  What we want is determined and taught to us by culture and, as we all should understand, culture is the pack of lies we, collectively, agree to pretend are truths.  What we are… are animals.

Wilhelm Reich astutely observed that “all human belief has essentially the same message, namely that we are something other than animals”.  That helps us understand what Ernest Becker said in The Denial of Death:  “No mistake- the turd is mankind’s greatest threat.”

…”Our beliefs attempt to distort the apparent truth, which is that nothing makes sense, nothing rhymes, and that we are all rushing toward the the soon to be forgotten compost heap.”…

So, what can I offer you?  How can I help the unhappy toward greater happiness?  In truth…. nothing.  My life makes no more sense and is of no more value or consequence than yours, or, the next guys.  But, I can give you this to contemplate.  The following is an excerpt from the journal  of one Captain James Cook, written in 1770, upon his first meeting with the local inhabitants of a primitive land that would come to be known as Australia.

…”They appear to be in reality far more happier than we Europeans; being wholly unacquainted not only with the superfluous but the necessary conveniences so much sought after in Europe, they are happy in not knowing the use of them.  They live in tranquillity which is not disturbed by the inequality of condition; the Earth and sea of their own accord furnishes them with all things necessary for life, they covet not magnificent houses, household-stuff etc., they live in a warm and fine climate and enjoy a very wholesome air, so that they have very little need of clothing….. In short they seem to set no value upon anything we gave them….

“There were several early accounts of the Natives themselves who were baffled by the obvious unhappiness of the European arrivals.  They did not dance, sing, or celebrate.  They laughed very little unless they were intoxicated.  They had no magic.  No miracles.  The Australian Aborigines, who lacked any signs of pathological anxiety when they were first encountered, were struck by the perpetual agitation of the Europeans, their dumbness about the happiness contained in nature.”  (from, “In Search of Happiness” understanding an endangered state of mind)

We were never cast out of any Eden.  We were just tricked into believing there was something better.  We “made up” all that apple & snake bullshit just to cover up the fact that we, of our own free will, chose to be such greedy assholes.





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11 responses to “Happy?

  1. When I first read Becker, I suddenly knew I was not insane. His writing is what I had been looking for for decades. As some others have said, my thought-life can be divided into before Becker, and after Becker.

    • I know exactly what you mean. Besides “The Importance of Reading Ernest” I have found a great deal of understanding and fascinating information in the books of John F. Schumaker. “Wings of Illusion”… “The Corruption of Reality”… and so forth. What a joy he is to read!
      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Mrs. Neutron,

    Hi, Mitt here. Mitt Romney? You may have heard of me. I’m running almost as fast as my mouth to be CEO (scratch that, I meant president) of the United Corporate States (did I say corporate? I’m sorry. That citizens united thing has me all confused about who I’m serving. You may have noticed the kerfuffle about that misunderstanding about what I said about 47% of the so-called people in this country. Geez…deadbeats are sooo sensitive…)

    Anyway, I read your post. You sound angry. Could I interest you in the word of Jesus? I assure you the gospel is not some pack of deluded ramblings like the rest of those other religions. And really, I think if you stay with Jesus long enough, you’ll come to see that carrot is really just God’s way of rewarding the faithful. I know he’s been good to me. It’s wrong to think of it as consumerism. It’s a reward system. People are unhappy because they just don’t know how to enjoy what God has sold to them. Did I say sold? I meant brainwashed. Did I say brainwashed? I meant burdened. Did I say burdened? I meant… oh…sometimes I … I…I get confused sometimes…see? that’s why I have the Lord. He ALWAYS knows what he wants me to do! LOL

    Anyway, let me know if you’d like to get to know Jesus better. And don’t forget to vote.

    (You aren’t black or Hispanic are you? If you are, then forget that last bit…)

    Your Friend,


    • Listen up Mitt. Don’t go getting your magic underpants all in a knot, but, the idea of spending all eternity with MY extended family is something I’m willing to work a lifetime trying to get OUT of…… not into.

  3. Your blog doesn’t allow me to do so, but I would click “like” on this. Very well said.

  4. Thank you so much. I very much appreciate your kind words.

  5. Art Fern

    It’s all about the northern european climate. Gotta have clothes, gotta grow food in the summer because winter sucks so much, gotta have animals to hunt so we can eat. And if we can’t get it done in our own yard, gotta invade the neighbors and take theirs. I’ve maintained for years that we’re just a frogfart or two out of the caves and our primal survival instincts are what drives the reptilian live-at-all-costs side of our nature (our geologically only recently departed from the caves status, to me, is also proof that there were once giant spiders: it’s our genetically inherited race memory of giant spiders that explains the extremely common fear of these biologically useful insect predators…but I digress). Doesn’t surprise me the native australians were happy; everything they needed was at arms length or easily produced. When there’s competition amongst animals, some gotta win, some gotta lose, good time Charley’s got the blues. But that can’t possibly be true as we obviously have a higher consciousness so we explain it by inventing an all powerful god that has put us at the top of the food chain.

    • I think it’s all about population pressure. We sure as hell didn’t turn to agriculture because bending over all friggin day weeding was more fun than dancing, or, heading out with the boys to make meat while the girls picked berries, minded the annoying kids and found tasty roots to eat. When population got too high farming “seemed” to be the answer, but, it only accelerated the engine and put the final Kay-Bosh on what came to be remembered as The Golden Age.

      • Art Fern

        Winter comes along and the white boys in germania needed food. Hunter-gatherers missed out on the good women when they were away, gotta watch out for the farmers. Agree, tho, ag makes more babies, more babies means more food….gotta expand the territory, military aggression follows.

  6. Art Fern

    P.S. they’re not magic underpants. They’re “temple garments”. I know. I asked Seamus.

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