If man is more normal, healthy and happy, the more he can successfully repress, displace, deny, rationalize, dramatize himself and deceive others, then it follows that the suffering of the neurotic comes… FROM PAINFUL TRUTH.

[He] is much nearer to the actual truth psychologically than the others and it is just that from which he suffers  [Otto Rank]

It isn’t the truth we seek.  What our lives consist of is the sifting of input and the rejection of anything that contradicts the reality we have constructed for ourselves, or, others have constructed for us.   The greater the amount of input the faster we must sift.  In todays media soaked world we soon realize, consciously or subconsciously, that we simply cannot sift fast enough to stay ahead of the input.  It is at this point we realize that we must shut down, go crazy, or, find a way to pre-filter the input.  Luckily, evolution has supplied us with a brain magnificently equipped to withhold from itself information that would rock our little psychic boats.  Thanks to self-delusion, self-hypnosis and reality distortion we are safe… for the moment.

This, of course, is why religious people have fewer reasons to visit the Mental Health Clinic than non-believers do.  It stands to reason (what a hilarious phrase THAT is) that the more equipped a person is at constructing a water tight reality for themselves the less they will suffer from any input that would bring that reality into question.

In the light of this you really have to ask yourself…… What’s crazy and what isn’t?

Is the person who only watches FOX News crazy and the person who only watches MSNBC News not, or, is it the other way around?  Are Buddhists more sane than Mormons?  Are Conservatives more rational than Liberals…. OR…. in the face of what we realize being “human” really means……. Is it just an invalid question?

I’m forced to fall back on that old invention of mine…. The Happy-Ometer Hat.  You see, if you can put a hat on someone’s head that would register their degree of happiness from to 100 we could dispense with all the bullshit of “who is sane and who isn’t”.

We could pick the winners from the losers in the blink of an eye.


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