Making Faces

Here I am.  It’s one of those afternoons where the air is clear, the water is clear and everything in the whole world is so damn clear that there is no place to hide and nothing to hide behind.  There is no music playing.   It is quite outside.  It is quiet inside.  Every movement is recognized as futile before it can even be fully conceived.  Even breathing in and out seems a stupid waste of time and energy.

“The universe is made of stories, not atoms,” poet Muriel Rukeyser famously remarked.

Where would we be without stories?

“If” self deception and self hypnosis didn’t evolve as the foundation of intelligence, as the rock upon which self awareness stands, intelligent life could not, would not, permit  itself to continue.  With enlarged brain capacity came the ability to anticipate and the capability to imagine the terrifying nothingness beyond death. Pure Reality is chaos.  Pure intelligence is naked terror.

“Without artificial methods for translating chaos into the semblance of order, we would soon encounter a cosmic bedlam where no reasons could be found for anything.”  [J.F. Schumaker]

Counter-intelligence (self-deception, religion & self-hypnosis) rescued us from the psychologically paralyzing quality of Pure Intelligence.  We live and operate believing our condition is something entirely different than it actually is.

At times I can’t help feeling embarrassed for us all.  It seems so damn silly!

I can’t tell you why, but looking at Mitt Romney, somehow, makes it all MUCH worse.


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  1. I’m listening to your man (Schumaker, not Romney) on Youtube right now:

    “Enjoyology!” I learned a new term.

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