I don’t know if this TV commercial runs in your area, or, for that matter, if you watch television.  In my little part of the world it seems to run non stop.

From what I understand somewhere between 200,000 and a quarter of a million Americans kick the bucket every year as a direct result of medication prescribed for them.   Drugs that were tested and permitted to be sold routinely turn out to be the cause, rather than the cure, of a long list of unfortunate situations.  It is a sobering statistic.

That is one of the reasons I love lawyers.   It gives me a warm feeling to know that, somewhere out there, there is a lawyer willing to fight a fight so I don’t have to.   I know, I know… it isn’t really popular to “like lawyers”, but, I do because without them absolutely nothing would stand between the little guy and the powerful individual, or corporation’s, desire to grind them into the dust for personal gain or profit.  Lawyers are like prize fighters.  We hire them because we are not equipped to go into the ring ourselves and that is what they specialize in.

There are an awful lot of people who don’t like lawyers.  If you have lost a legal case it is much easier to blame “lawyers” than it is anything else because they are the most visible, the actors in the performance if you will.  People rarely ever say… “I HATE Juries”, even though it is the jury that makes the decision, NOT lawyers.  People also hate to see someone (other than themselves) win a huge legal settlement.  Whenever that happens they attribute it to some sleazy legal trick, or, the system being hopelessly broken.   Rarely will you hear someone say… “That jury must have been made up of crazy people!”  Oddly enough people seem to forget that BOTH sides in a legal dispute have legal representation and that only one side can win.  For reasons I can’t fathom people don’t seem to mind at all when a huge corporation, with hundreds of lawyers on staff, wins a suit against a little guy.  But, should the “little guy” win a big award against the BIG corporation, or, some fat cat with more money and power than you can shake a stick at…. well, there is something just not right about that.  In cases like that we need Tort Reform.

Tort Reform, of course, would make the loser pay the legal expenses of the winner.  No longer could ANY lawyer afford to take on the case of a poor person who felt that they had been wronged or damaged by a rich person.  No poor person in their right mind would dare seek justice knowing that, since their rich adversary could afford the best in legal representation and the best paid experts, while he/she could afford nothing of the kind…. it could never again even approach anything like a fair fight in the court room.   It would indeed “re-form” the system and return us all to the good old days when people knew their place and didn’t contradict their betters.  Amen.

When people tell me lawyer jokes or go on about how they hate lawyers I always tell them this…

If, one day, the nasty little girl that lives down the street becomes angry at you because, lets say, you told her not to pick your flowers, or, let her dog Scruffy pee on your roses and decides to get even by telling her dad that you touched her “down there”….. When your neighbors surround your house with pitchforks and torches and the cops are telling you that you don’t deserve to live as they are throwing you into the back of the police car….. Remember, when they begrudgingly permit you that one phone call…..

Call a fucking plumber.




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3 responses to “1-800-BAD-DRUG

  1. Yeah, a lot can be said about lawyers…but, at least they aren’t as bad as those fucking doctors. Now there’s a group of people I’d like to push off a cliff.

  2. Calm down now Brent.


    Now why don’t you put the gun down and you and I can have a nice long talk about what’s troubling you.

  3. Medical and legal professionals have to eat too. You just have to watch them; they’re tricky!

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