Some thoughts on ABORTION

It’s a beautiful summer morning here at the eastern foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  The sun isn’t up yet, as I type, but, the songbirds are.  A cacophony of peeps, tweets and squawks assaults my shell like ears.  I sip contentedly from an enormous tin mug of [Maxwell House] (original roast) coffee.  Quite naturally my mind turns to the subject of abortion.

I don’t believe in any such thing as a magical deity.  There has never been a moment in my life where the whole idea didn’t seem ridiculous and scary.  Scary from the point of understanding that I was surrounded by people who inhabited realities I could never fathom.   Trans-Galactic, Totalitarian realities where they were being watched, perpetually, by a magical deity that made his debut and announced his existence to us in the Bronze Age.  They were sure of it.  I was speechless in what I see now was the long, drawn out, horror of awakening to the realization that I was of their species.  The horror persists long after the awakening.  (The sun is a red ball now hovering in the branches of an ancient maple)

But I digress.  In a world where children starve to death at the rate of one every few seconds it’s absurd to think MORE children would make things better.  That’s it in a nut shell.  If there actually were something “sacred” about life children would never be permitted to starve.  So, there isn’t, not with standing any protests to the contrary by believers in magic.  (I have often wondered if religious people get a bigger thrill out of seeing a magician saw a woman in half and then put her back together again than agnostics or atheists do.)

A deity that would demand MORE of what there is already more than can be successfully digested is like this guy above.  Like a fat man at a buffet who continues to fill more plates in spite of the fact that he can’t quite swallow what he already has.  It’s disgusting to observe.  I couldn’t care less if people claim he is magical.

(What’s really magical is the golden light that permeates everything now that a morning ground fog oozed its way out of what appeared to be nothing at all.)




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4 responses to “Some thoughts on ABORTION

  1. Neal

    The sad part of this is that once abortion is outlawed, or such strict limits are mandated, we will have more unwanted children, more poverty, more violence and less of an economy to support the whole. The turning point out of urban decay was not more cops, as it turned out, but Roe vs Wade — 20 years after that ruling, all US cities experienced less violence and more life. It seems we will soon be erasing these gains and no one is thinking or watching.

    • What makes you think that abortion is going to be outlawed any time soon? I know that people on the right bring it up all the time and claim that they will outlaw it, but I doubt that most of them would actually do it. Can you imagine the scale of the protests that would take place? I recently came across a newspaper clipping from the early 90’s that had some of the responses to an article about abortion on it. One of the quotes stood out to me: “We would all rather stand by our daughters than stand by our daughters’ graves. Keep it legal keep it safe.”

      • Don’t kid yourself [commoncommentator]. If it were put to a vote where I live it would be outlawed IMMEDIATELY! Think about this. If it is THAT EASY to shut down Planned Parenthood, drive abortion doctors out of town and elect, one after another, fundamentalist loonies to public office… how much harder will it be to put the kay-bosh on abortion once and for all.

        Remember the Republican Debates. Not ONE potential candidate put up their hand when asked if they “believe in” evolution. If that doesn’t tell you who they are beholding to and that their heads are up their ass… I must conclude you are not paying attention.

        The right to control YOUR BODY hangs by a slim thread. The fact that there is even ONE woman in America willing to vote for candidates who see, treat and BELIEVE that women are second class citizens says it all. The fact that there are 10’s of MILLIONS should keep any woman up at night worrying about themselves and their daughters.

  2. I think some people are thinking and watching very closely and relishing the thought of once again being rich and unthreatened by a population of peasants forever occupied by religion and the inability to control of their own reproduction. As it always was it will be again.

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