Happiness & Capitalism

Everyone knows that money doesn’t make you happy.  Our capitalist, advertisement soaked culture treats that common knowledge as if it were a lie.  The message is… “If I only had that I would be happy”.   The message isn’t true and we know it.  If we act as if we know it the wheels come off the Capitalist Cart.  We are culturally encouraged and powerfully motivated to treat what we know is true as if it were a lie and what we know is a lie as if it were the truth.  This is an activity more addictive than nicotine.  Is it any wonder that pharmaceutical sales of antidepressants are as enormous as they currently are.

Albert Einstein once said:  “Happiness never appeared to me as an absolute aim.  I am even inclined to compare such moral aims to the ambitions of a pig.”

So, what do you suppose, ARE the moral ambitions of a pig?  I would submit that they don’t have any “moral ambitions” AT ALL!  I would suggest that pigs are only concerned with more and more and more.  The “Good Life”, to a pig, is to inhabit, or, be part of a situation where this is possible.  Where “more and more” never ends.  Where moral responsibility is irrelevant.  Where greed, rather than being looked upon as a sin, is celebrated as some kind of a virtue.

So, is this us?  By “us”, of course, I don’t mean you or I, but our American Capitalist way of living.   [note: I mean you and I because we are ALL loyal and patriotic supporters of The American way of life]   We make up 5% of the earths population and consume 25% of its resources.  We spend 10 times as much on our military as any other country in the world does to insure that nobody messes with our resource acquisition.  In spite of the fact that anybody who has ever read history knows that no empire, or civilization, ever went belly up spending too much helping out its poor and unfortunate citizens and almost EVERY civilization that did go belly up did so because they spent too much making war… we again treat the truth is if it were a lie and the lie as if it were the truth.  OINK!

We claim to be a religious nation.  No religion I ever heard of and certainly no Christian theologian could ever claim Jesus would support a “preemptive war”.  War is a sin if murder is a sin.  OINK, OINK!

So, here is my question.  Is it even remotely possible for a Capitalist civilization, such as ours, to end up in anything OTHER than a complete disaster?  Are we all nothing more than the guy who jumped out the window on the 35th floor being overheard to say, as he passed the window on the 10th floor,…..“So far, so good.”  

There is an ancient Latin proverb:  “post coitum comne animal trist est”  (after intercourse every animal is sad)  It is meant to convey the feeling of deflation that results from the consummation of all forms of desire.

I take it to have a deeper, more contemporary meaning.  I think it is the reason SO MANY outrageously wealthy people desire to get into politics.  They GOT wealthy in the first place by fucking over everybody they could.  (that’s the “coitum” part)  Acquiring zillions of dollars didn’t make them happy.  (that’s the “deflation” part)  So, instead of discovering that they were mistaking a lie for the truth and the truth for a lie, they redouble their efforts!   (that’s the American part)


(your thoughts?)



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4 responses to “Happiness & Capitalism

  1. This is pretty insulting to pigs…I’d far prefer the company of pigs to Mitt Romney (or any conservative). Pigs are content with table scraps and mud and straw. Is capitalism an expression of human nature? Or a perversion of it? We’ve been treating each other like objects to be exploited in every civilization we’ve created. What’s changed but the methods and technologies? Pre-capitalist societies failed (perhaps every one of them) for the very same reasons ours may. So blaming capitalism seems specious. Not a fan of it at all…just seems to me a symptom, not the disease itself. Why do we want so much? Why do we fail to learn material acquisition is a folly? Why do we fail to question assumptions about what is going to make us happy?

    • You sure do ask a lot of questions Brent.

      Well, this is your lucky day friend because Mrs. N is going to clear it all up.

      We are a failed attempt at sentience in matter. Ernest Becker (in his Pulitzer prize-winning classic) “The Denial of Death” wrote that… “a full appreciation of man’s condition would drive him insane.” He argues that our unique ability to perceive and understand death impels us to invent paranormal “lies” about reality. These cushion us from the otherwise paralyzing REALITY of impending death.

      Capitalism is the symptom. Man is the disease.

  2. “Always have clean shirts to play around in ”
    Great post…love your blog, never stopped in before.

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