Military Prostitution


1.  One who solicits and accepts payment for sex acts.

2.  One who sells one’s abilities, talent, or name for an unworthy purpose.

The way I see it selling your body to another to use or abuse how ever they please and for whatever purpose they decide upon is prostitution.  Accepting money, clothing, food and shelter in exchange for abdicating your own control over the use your body is put to, no matter who, or what, you surrender that control to… IS PROSTITUTION!

Now I fully expect to get grief for this opinion, but, I just don’t “buy into” this politically correct BULLSHIT that anyone wearing a uniform is automatically a hero AND to be supported in what ever activity they happen to find themselves engaged in [read: ordered to perform] and/or “up to”.   As a matter of fact, more and more each day, I become sickened when I see, or, am informed of another recent High School graduate signing up for the military.   Take it from me, this is not a popular opinion in my neck of the woods.  Here in the “New South” where property taxes are considered Gub-ment theft we pay our teachers and fund public education as if it were the equivalent of flushing good money down the toilet.  [Except for Football]  As a direct result, once again this year we graduated an army of young people about as close to UTTERLY UNPREPARED to make it in the world on their own as a person can be.

As a result the children of the no-counts [read: Black, Brown & poor] who are unable to get out of town with a sports scholarship, and therefor unable to afford an escape, fall prey to the “Recruiters” in their sharp, well tailored uniforms.

We will teach you a trade.

We will pay for your college.

Serve your country and join the “few, the proud…. the HEROS”.

That is the basic line of shit sold to our foolish youth.  That is how they get “hooked” into prostitution without really understanding what they are getting into.  That’s how our Corporate Kleptocracy fills the uniforms and supplies the meat to insure access to resources and markets and, most of all, profits easily convertible into MORE political power.

And what do we do?

We congratulate the parents of these newly minted prostitutes and admire their bumper stickers  [My Daughter is in the Air Force] ..  [My SON is a MARINE].  No matter how much it may turn our stomaches to think about just what this still wet behind the ears kid has gotten themselves into…  No matter how much we HATE war and the ENDLESS WAR our corporate government has in store for us….  We wish them luck and say incredibly stupid things like… “You must be proud.”

I’m done with that officially today.  From now on I’m calling them prostitutes.  It is hurtful, I understand, but, I see no other way out of perpetual war and never ending human misery than to tell the truth, no matter how hard, or unpopular that truth may be.  We can NEVER stop an immoral activity by ignoring it.  We can NEVER stop our children from ruining their lives if we fail, or are afraid, to tell them the truth.  We can NEVER put America on a path to health and prosperity on a diet of lies and unquestioned “patriotism”.  John Lennon asked…. “What if they gave a war and nobody came?”

It’s time we found out before it’s too late.




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5 responses to “Military Prostitution

  1. But…those in power have no interest in telling truth to children. And they have lots of people convinced this is part of what patriotism is all about. And aren’t we all (or at least those of us who sell our bodies for any sort of manual or intellectual labour) “prostitutes” of one sort or another? Aren’t prostitutes themselves just a more clear and explicit example of what we are all engaged in? Who just share the added burden of their particular trade being surrounded with all sorts of hypocrisy about morality and virtue? Is the selling of one’s body for sex any more unworthy than selling it (or your mind) to McDonald’s or the Army or Goldman Sachs or the Republican party?

    I agree with your general argument, but isn’t the tone here shading a bit into victim blaming? I agree that these youths are being manipulated into throwing their lives away for a pack of lies, and that if the “Taliban” don’t get them, their own despair upon their return to America will, as is witnessed by the number of veteran suicides. And that even a slight acquaintence with the history of returning Vetnam vets should be all the instruction these kids need about their probable fate after Army brainwashing. (Except, well, youth are youth, and few that age think they will be the ones to return broken and used up.)

    Buffy Saint Marie certainly made the case that we are all culpable for war when we willingly take part in it, and until WE stop, THEY won’t. And if we are to say that those who join the army are prostitutes, then how far, and to whom, should that label extend, given the reach of the war machine and corporate capital?

    • All good questions Brent. But, I don’t see where I am “blaming” the victim. Actually, I don’t see how one can “alert” the potential victims and those with influence over them without calling a spade a spade.
      Sure prostitution, in its dictionary sense, exists where ever we sell ourselves and sell ourselves we do in a myriad of ways, but, there is prostitution and there is PROSTITUTION. “Military Prostitution” (and that’s why I call it that) is the COMPLETE abdication of our ability to [SAY NO] to anything we are told to do. I see that as entirely different from selling ourselves to McDonald’s by the hour. Goldman Sachs doesn’t train kids to lob million dollar missiles into apartment buildings or set land mines. They may very well profit from arranging financing for the production of both, but, that makes them pimps. Besides that, the missiles and land mines would be useless without someone to implement them.
      My point was that THIS particular kind of prostitution is the most destructive and the most devastating all-round…. and the least discussed because of some of the things you mentioned…. “Patriotism, the ignorance of youth, the corporate war machine that runs on their blood. Mostly ignorance and tribalism exploited for profit.
      It’s a morally sick business and I think it needs light shined upon it and the pimps [Republican, Democratic and Independent] who promote its continuation. It’s high time we ALL stopped “congratulating” those who join the ranks of whoredom and standing silently by as others do. That was my point.

  2. Ok. And i would agree. But…are you advocating pacifism in all situations? Just curious. I still wrestle with this. Sam Harris had some interesting thoughts about this in The End of Faith.

  3. I’m not advocating anything but “informed consent”. I think any kind of legal control (let alone mind control) over another persons actions and/or body is an abomination. Using young, impressionable, poorly educated and even more poorly informed kids to play WAR for fun and profit is an evil, in my opinion, that will bring ruin and societal disintegration down upon all of our heads.

    I don’t wrestle with pacifism. I understand that in order to be alive I must kill and consume other living creatures. Death isn’t a problem for me. I kill to stay alive when no other option is available… not for profit, or when someone else orders me to.

    It isn’t a wonder to me Brent that people lose their sanity after killing because they were told, or programed to by twisted cultural propaganda. I think we have a moral obligation to “untwist” that pack of lies whenever the opportunity arises.

  4. A great combination: economy with no jobs and a need for warm impressionable bodies to do the bidding in whatever war is deemed necessary. As one who was drafted in a fairly good economy, I can see where either solution is effective. But now they get to activate the guard — which was a place of refuge for those avoiding the draft.
    Tricky, those.

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