Alright… maybe a little more.

Some days it is nothing but fucked up people where ever you happen to look.  The human condition can be incredibly disappointing.  I used to love television, back in the deep dish days when it was free and sometimes rolled, and you had to fiddle with the knobs to get the picture to stand still.   Now it’s costing me $100 a month for 250 channels of “Fifteen and Pregnant”, “Half Ton Dad”, reruns of “The Jerry Falwell Ministries” and “Confessions- Animal Hoarding”.  News?  Forget it!  It’s a corporate salad spinner of mind numbing misdirection and bullshit.  And there’s me with the nicest TV of my entire life and hating what it spews.

Then the cat wakes you up at 3:45 am because the birds are already making a racket outside and the magnolia blossoms are stinking the neighborhood up like an accident down at the perfume factory.  You let her out to roam and put the coffee on and get back to reading “The Social Conquest of Earth” by E.O. Wilson and before you know it the sun is up and you are in another, better, world.  The garden is wet from last nights thunder storms.

Ants and termites… the primary social insects, have been doing their “social” super organism thing for over a hundred million years.  People, it seems, picked up the trait about 3 million years ago when we began to master fire and used it to define our campfires as a nest.  A place to come back to and forage out from, just like ants and termites.  Only then, sitting around a campfire cooking, bullshitting and caring for children did it become truly a survival trait to ponder what the other guy was thinking and how  to make your place within the group more secure.  Brain size exploded and the rest, as they say, is history.

Of course we never would have had a chance to evolve at all if insects were big enough to manipulate fire.  Funny when you think about that.  We were big enough and on land… and that made all the difference.  It doesn’t matter how smart a dolphin or a bird is…. The bastards can’t smelt aluminum worth a crap.


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  1. Art Fern

    Or make potato cannons

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