I am in the middle of one of those “end of the rope” days.  I can’t watch TV any more.  Went out yesterday to buy some food, ravioli to be exact, because I had a hankering for them. We were out of wine and a few other necessities of life, so, like an idiot I’m off to the Wal-Mart.  That’s where it began this time, and the “times” are getting so close together that it’s getting scary.

Outside Wal-Mart a well dressed man about my age is pestering everybody to give donations for “homeless veterans”.  Now, on pure principal I hate people who stand around with their hand out collecting for this or that… I don’t give a shit WHAT it is… I just can’t stand it.  I guess the guy could read my face as I passed by, so, he goes into a bit about how much we owe to those who “keep us safe”.  That was it for me.  I asked him what he was doing there pestering people for money.  I suggested he round up some of his friends with no arms, or, no legs and hang out with the recruiters that stalk the halls of our High Schools fishing for suckers.  Fishing for more warm bodies to grease the wheels of the obscene WAR MACHINE my country has become.  The kicker was he was wearing a [ROMNEY] button.  Romney being the deranged presidential candidate who thinks we should be spending MORE on the military.

Now, I do not call that creepy bastard “deranged” lightly.

In my book ANYBODY who thinks wearing underpants with magic symbols on them will protect them from demons is a screwball… full stop!  Anybody who thinks the universe runs on “magic” and that people come back from the dead is crazy as a bedbug.  Well,… That’s Mitt Romney.

What I have had enough of, or, more than I can stand, is this ridiculous idea that it is wrong to question, or judge a person by their…. wait for it… FAITH.  

Pardon my language, but, FUCK THAT!  So lets say we all go to a magic show.  There is a guy up on the stage pulling rabbits out of his hat and he finishes by sawing a woman in half and then putting her back together again.  What would you think of me if you got the idea that I believed it was really magic?  If I told you that magic was real?  Would you trust me with your future, or, the future of your country?  THAT is why I feel the way I do about Mitt Romney AND each and every other person who prefers to get their truth revealed to them through one fucking kind of Scripture or another.  Their heads are soft.  Their porch lights are out.

The simple fact that Fat Bastards like this miserable excuse for a human being could SUCCESSFULLY parlay total bullshit into political power and hundreds of millions of dollars makes me embarrassed to be human.  The fact that we are told it is impolite to speak ill of another persons absurd religious “beliefs” … OF THE ABSURDITY OF ALL RELIGIOUS BELIEFS…  but instead, cast the stink-eye at science and scientists, BUT, accept as truth, what is to anybody with half an ounce of brains, total bullshit is more than I find I can put up with at my age.  It makes me rather certain we are a failed experiment in biological evolution.  Then I turn on the TV and I have to see fucking morons like this….

How did it EVER come to this?  I’m thinking the best thing that could happen on this planet is OUR extinction.   That and the idea that absolutely ANYBODY who has a uniform is a hero is just pissing me off to no end.





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3 responses to “Enough!

  1. Mrs Neutron,

    I have been standing here for the last few minutes…deafened by the applause for this post….you my dear Mrs. N. are spot on….

    I’ve yet to understand how invading oil rich countries…filling the holes with our young gullible…patriotic…minds…killing a few hundred thousand people…and somehow ending any conversation dealing with these atrocities and directives with a….”Thank you”…and a few dollars for your lifelong inconvenience….not to mention how my safety is “still”… intact…is beyond absurd.

    When any self truth is derived from fantasy…whether it be magic underpants…planets populated with earth bound spirits or being burped out of a frogs ass in some South American rain forest…the result can only be fantastic…The imaginary world of religion….through the evolutionary process has adapted to the capitalist mentality….and like curing cancer…or aids….what’s the point….the revenue generated by it is far more important than any part of the thrill…of the disease….

    in the infamous words of Jonas Nightengale… “A town this deep in the crapper’s got nowhere to turn but GOD!”

    Bravo Mrs. N…Bravo!

  2. Art Fern

    You can’t save the Shire by being shocked and sad, my dear Frodo, sometimes you have to fight…….but I understand and agree, me darling me dear. Personally, I’m stocking up for economic armageddon. I truly think they’re coming for us and the end result will be folks in the streets with torches, bricks and bats facing off against equally economically strapped suckers who happen to wearing the uniforms of (corporately owned and operated) police departments. Sooner, if Magic Shorts Romney gets in, later if Obama sticks around for another 4 (without getting his own head blown off) but there will be blood in the streets in coming days as the plutocracy asserts it’s ownership rights and roving bands of starving mexicans, blacks and underclass whites try to march on the seats of power to try to reclaim their long-ago lost “rights”. It is very sad but history is replete with examples of the fall and rise of civilizations. And I think this is one of those times. Tremendous dominos are going to fall. If Europe and America descend into warring city-states, as I think likely, then emerging markets like China, India and Russia will have nobody to sell to. It’ll be mass migrations to places like Ecuador. Trump turns his paper money into gold and buys Machu Picchu and rings it with nuclear landmines and flamethrowers disguised as palm trees. Michael Bloomburg declares himself King of New York and seizes New Jersey as his fiefdom, closing the highways and turning it back into the Garden State (after releasing a containable virus that he bought from one of pharma industry billionaire buddies). Keith Olberman is torn apart by horses in a ceremony in front of the Washington monument presided over by Ron Paul, after which he and his toady, Rush of Limbaugh set up the Duchy of Intestate, raise the black flag and start shooting anybody wearing glasses or carrying a book. It’ll be delightful. I plan on heading to the mountains outside Ashville and, after all the hoo-hah has died down, swooping down with my ragtag band of apocalypto survivalists and taking over the Biltmore, a self contained 19th century bomb shelter, just waiting to be fitted out with guard towers and solar powered electric, barbed wire fences. So, would you like me to put you down for Tuesdays or Thursdays, for stable and latrine duties?

    “When you’re born into this life, you’ve got a free ticket to the freak show. Born in America? Ya got a front row seat” — George Carlin

    • I spoke to someone from the “Old Country” the other day Art. They commented that the traffic down 23 to the city is much reduced both to and from work. It seems that many of the “city slickers” that purchased Mac Mansions in Sussex County have found that their mortgages far outweigh their assessed value and left the keys under the mat for the banks to sort out. But, being proud sons of the Confederacy now, that is of little concern to us. I don’t know about you, but, I have blended in to the local population of inbred know-nothings seamlessly. Even after allocating a sizable portion of my day to deepening my personal relationship with Jesus I still find I have ample time left over to fart around and do a bit of gardening. Any day now my Uncle Sam will begin sending me my hard earned Social Security checks. My heart begins to race at the sight of the mailman heading my way.
      As a young lad I can still remember President Kennedy asking us to “Ask not what your country can do for you, but, what you can do for your country.”

      That has changed substantially. Now it’s…. “Give me my fucking money!” Not quite as poetic, but, what more can you expect from a nation of born hucksters, con-men and religious fanatics with an insatiable appetite for the quick buck and the acquisition of poorly defended real estate?

      My house is crawling with grandchildren at the moment. Soon we will begin flipping pancakes by the thousands to feed the assembled multitudes. Our daughter & co. are moving to “Old Europe” in pursuit of the long green. The next time I see them they will have wooden shoes. Imagine that.

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