The Fool

I took this picture yesterday morning, out front, after I picked up 8,624,557 magnolia leaves.  Magnolia leaves, for those unfamiliar with life in Dixie, fall in the spring when almost everything else is in full bloom.  I only have two magnolia trees out front, but, they will drop enough big rubbery leaves to fill about 4 garbage cans (packed tight) a week well into summer.  Then they will stop.  Then they will flower and cover themselves with white blossoms as big as your head right on till summer ends.  They will blanket the air with fragrance.  It will smell like a whore house around here for months.  On the one hand they are a real pain in the ass.  On the other they are just too beautiful to be without if you love flowers as I do.  It’s a two-edged sword.  There is a bit of the old Yin & Yang going on.  Opposites are clearly in play.

Opposites are in play in the picture also.  The blue flowers are Baptisia known affectionately as “Redneck Loupines”.  The orange & red ones are Cytisus scoparius, or, as they are known to the layman, “Scotch Broom”.  Structurally they look nothing alike, yet, they are both members of the legume family.  They fix nitrogen.  Bet you didn’t even know it was broken.

The Fool, the Joker and the Sly-Man all know that opposites, flowers and all the things we call “social institutions” are nothing but games.  The Fool knows and exists to remind us all that nothing has a point, nothing is to be taken too seriously.  When the Fool sees you taking yourself too seriously he gets the giggles.  When he sees you lost in the seriousness of any game, under the cover of your own ego, he farts.  He makes a funny face.  He breaks the spell.

There is no purpose.  There is no point to flowers, music, or, us.  There is only “unfolding”.

Those who do not understand this are unnerved and irritated by your non-participation.  They must stifle decent because they are not sure they are right.

You don’t have to be conscious of the workings of your own brain.  The white is as important as the black and the other way around.  If you really think carefully about it you will understand that the annihilation of consciousness can never be an experience.

The trembling of laughter is the trembling of anxiety…

…. Just, from a different point of view.



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6 responses to “The Fool

  1. Yes, the black is as important as the white ( and visa versa). . . I have been reading about Notan recently. Lovely garden!

  2. Art Fern

    Mr.Moskowitz: Doctor, I can’t pee
    Doctor: Mr.Moskowitz, how old are you?
    Mr.Moskowitz: 94
    Doctor: You’ve peed enough

    • Art… how about a little seriousness of purpose here? Can’t you see that this is no place to be screwing around with your dumb jokes? Jees!

      So, this Catholic Priest and a Rabbi are walking past a school yard when the priest points out a handsome young boy and, with a lecherous look on his face, says… “There is nobody watching, what do you say we “do” that little boy?

      The Rabbi replies, with a puzzled look on his face….. “Out of what?”

  3. Great post! Have you read Carol S. Pearson’s book on archetypes? I’m a ‘Sage’ trying to transition into the ‘Fool’… but I must wait for the cycle to once again get to that part.

    • No. I was not familiar with the name, so, I did a very little reading. Having read and been familiar with Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell and the gang for decades I can see where she claims to be “building on” their work. But, is it building on, or ripping off and commercializing for profit?… I can’t say.
      Thank you for your compliment. I will be checking out your site. I have read a little, but, I’m not yet “in there” enough to see where you are going (let alone where you come from).

      Hugs and kisses
      Mrs. N

      • Love the ol’ gang. Good artists borrow, but great artists steal… For profit… I’m not sure who well her book did, but it was a good read. Thanks for checking out my site… As to where I’m going… When I get there, I’ll let you know.

        I’m already formulating a character based on Mrs. Neutron… Great stuff!!!

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