Do you see what is going on here?

This handsome young man, who just so happens to be one of my remarkable grandchildren, is using a faculty that is entirely and exclusively human.  When he crawled around the corner, at first, I didn’t get what was going on.  Do you get it?

This is the UP-SIDE.

On many occasions I end up writing about the many facets of the DOWN-SIDE of what it means, or, can mean to be human.  How our innate neurological demand to find patterns in life and nature often play us dirty.  How our propensity to create false realities, psychic umbrellas, to protect ourselves from the shit storm the universe holds in store for us all costs us our sanity.  How we have no choice but to go crazy, and do, to keep from going truly insane.

Not today.

No dead babies.  No religiously motivated wars or genital mutilations.  No imaginary afterlife, sinners or saints today.

Today only the raw, unrefined, untainted or twisted imagination that comes, pre programmed, as part of the original software package.

See it and enjoy it as it flows in a path of its own making in a direction yet to be determined.

Don’t dam it, divert it, direct it or inhibit its free flow.

Just enjoy it.



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4 responses to “Imagination

  1. lifewithoutinstructions

    How Charming and Innocent your young man seems to be! I knew immediately what he was thinking and I find it remarkable. My children have wonderful imaginations, but as a Grandmother now, I notice and encourage the imaginations of my grand daughters. It feels great to be able to pause in life and notice the small things. I am constantly awakened to the world through my grand daughters eyes , and I feel blessed!

  2. Thank you [lifewithout]. We have two children (one of each) and they have two children (one of each). The little guy in the picture is the youngest, my daughter’s boy. My son (her older brother) and I agree that the boy is blessed with the one sure ticket to success in this world. When he smiles he has the face of an idiot. (Think Milton Berle, Groucho Marx…) but, behind it is an amazingly sharp mind. [Dad is a PhD physicist & Mom taught sociology & philosophy at university.]
    I never told my children the truth when they asked me a question. They soon learned that, BUT, never stopped asking me questions first.
    Bullshit is the ground from which imagination grows the strongest.

  3. Art Fern

    His spine is popping out of his back? He split an ice cube tray and is trying to calm his migraine from having such a huge cranium? He’s a new rapper named Ice Crawl?

    I have no clue. I’ve been living in North Carolina too long. The other day I said “y’all”. Please help me, someone.

    • “Ice cube tray”? Don’t you know half an egg carton when you see one you cloth eared baboon? You been in North Carolina so long your head has gone all soft.
      Saw your new license plate the other day.

      (more pigs than people)

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