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Southern Livin magazine features home improvement, decoratin, entertainin, cookin, and travel — and of course, signature Southern recipes.

Yes, Spring is in the air in Dixie and attention to landscape detail is evident where ever one cares to look.  In the New South clean lines and strict formal plantings take a back seat to the abundant bounty only Mother Nature can produce.  Pride of place and heritage are paramount in this and all Southern Estate homes.  If one stops for a moment and closes their eyes on this quiet country road one can almost smell the magnolia blossoms, hear banjo music in the distance and hear the Master of the Estate enquire… What the fuck you lookin at?”

When it comes to first impressions nothing is considered more important than curb appeal.  Today the Southern home owner is treated to a cornucopia of options when it comes to fencing.  Brick, split-rail, boxwood hedge or traditional (pictured above) all can, and do, lend an air of Southern charm to private residences and public buildings alike.  Above we see the Zen like simplicity and attention to detail so magnificently executed as to almost appear totally organic in origin.

No place symbolizes the pride of history and heritage so valued in the  New South better than its birthplace, Appomattox Court House.  Oh, if these walls could speak, the tails they would tell of forgiveness and brotherhood reborn from the ashes of a war that today is all but forgotten.  When the multitudes of tourists are gone and the bus loads of school children have all gone back to their classrooms to reflect on the history they have learned… and all is quiet, as only the hallowed ground of a National Landmark can become, around dusk, on a Spring evening, one can almost hear the instructions passed on from the patriarchs of one generation to the youth of the next….  “Let the inbreeding begin!”

So, whether you are looking to pamper yourself at one of The South’s finer Bed & Breakfast establishments……

Planning a wedding…..

Looking for a special place to pop that “special” question…..

Or, just looking for that old fashioned “Family Fun” type of environment so missing from todays fast paced life…..  Come on down South, pull up a chair on the porch and grab yourself a cold one and wash them troubles away…… Ya-hear?

This months recipe was sent in by Billy Bob Campbell from Lynchburg Virginia.

Redneck Squirrel Fry 

~ squirrel legs, amount depends on how many you have or how hungry you are.
~ 2 eggs
~ 1 tbsp ketchup
~ salt and pepper
~ 1 can beer
~ Drakes batter
~ butter

Beat the eggs in a medium bowl. Add the ketchup. Salt and pepper to taste

Add 1/2 can of beer and drink the rest. (you don’t want to waste it!) Mix well.

Put some of the Drakes batter in a shallow dish.

Melt several tablespoons of butter in a skillet over medium-low heat.

Dip the squirrel into the egg mixture and then roll in the Drakes. Repeat for thicker coating.

Add to the skillet and cook until golden brown. Turn as needed.

Serve with mashed potatoes and cream corn.




It’s “shop till ya drop” down at the Dollar Tree that holds the distinction of being constructed right, smack dab, on top of one of the Seven Wonders of the Redneck World.  [The Great Wall of Madison Heights]  Engineered and constructed by a prominent local Fundamentalist Christian Engineering group it is recognized as an outstanding example of End Times Architecture.  Winner of the Jerry Falwell Award for Architectural Excellence and never intended to last very long anyway, because “The Rapture” was do any day, it hovers at an improbable angle over the Wal-Mart parking lot.

After you are finished with shopping for those last minute Christmas or anniversary gifts At the Dollar Tree be sure to wander round back and catch the view from Lover’s Leap.   We are pretty dang sure you will be glad you did.


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