I have removed the original essay.  

I have no theory as to why, but, it is my impression that antinatalists have a strong predisposition to make more of their decision to not reproduce than normal people would.  OK, so you don’t want to have kids.  And, this is some kind of a “big deal” how?

 They kind of remind me of the guy who quits his job, BUT, insists on hanging around the workplace parking lot informing everyone he meets that “I quit”.  The people he tells will usually be polite about it, but, they inevitably will be thinking to themselves….. “This poor bastard needs to get a life.”

It takes no more than a quick glance at the population figures of our planet and its rapidly depleting resources to make clear the reality that a person choosing  NOT to reproduce is a “good thing” for those who do choose to reproduce.  

On behalf of myself and those of us who can happily accept life in matter on the only terms the universe provides….. I offer you our thanks for not reproducing.   Your choice is ANYTHING BUT a taboo.   Your choice is welcomed by all of us who appreciate the extra room.



1/1/13… It amazes me just how many people seem to read this post.   I can’t, for the life of me, understand why anybody would find antinatalism interesting.  Just to show how generous I can be I have a gift for everybody on this first day of a brand new year.

The GREATEST TABOO in the world is growing a Hitler mustache.  If you don’t believe me tell people you don’t want to reproduce…. note what happens and how they react.  NOW, grow a Hitler mustache.  Don’t even bother getting back to me with regard to what happens.  I already know.

In truth, nobody gives a shit if you reproduce.  EVERYBODY will have something to say if you grow a Hitler mustache and very little of it will be nice.  [Happy New Year]



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2 responses to “ANTINATALISM

  1. natalist

    you selfish delusional pronatalist

  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful and beautifully articulated comment. I certainly am selfish with regard to providing for myself and my family what I can, but, I try to be ever mindful of not bringing harm to others or the environment. “Delusional”… I’m afraid I don’t know of anyone who isn’t to one degree or another. I think it comes with being a sentient being condemned to seek answers to questions that have none in an incomprehensible universe. “Pronatalist”… yes. My life has been an unfolding miracle, my children a joy and my grandchildren simply amazing. The fact that nothing lasts for ever or is guaranteed to end well, to me, is utterly beside the point.
    To give you an idea of how “un-selfish” I can be…. Feel free to call upon me the next time you post. I will be happy to provide you with capital letters and punctuation marks… free of charge!

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